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Ladies First

About Us

Ladies First Disc Golf is the most comprehensive online retailer dedicated to supplying discs, apparel, bags, and other accessories for the female disc golfer.

Ladies First Disc Golf was founded by Jenny San Filippo in March of 2015; she is also the president of the Disc On! Ladies League in Wisconsin, and serves on the PDGA women’s committee.

Jenny saw the need for a place that people who wanted to buy gear for the female disc golfer could visit, in one location. Whether it is a woman looking for women friendly disc golf discs, apparel, and gear, or a man looking to buy a disc to get his female friend out on the course, we have the solutions to their disc golf purchasing needs.

What the Fox? Why the Fox?

You may be wondering about our logo and what the fox has to do with disc golf, and specifically for female disc golf.

In the most basic and primitive version, when we see a fox they make us smile they are mystical forest creatures full of playfulness, whimsy, beauty, and opportunity; just like all the lady disc golfers we know.

On a bit of a deeper, more metaphorical sense, we see all ladies that play disc golf on all skill levels as foxy ladies. You are out playing in the woods, giving it your all, challenging yourself to throw further, make more putts, make longer putts, succumbing to that tree 5’ from the tee pad–which may make you blush a little, but you keep on persevering through it all, because you love it, know you can do better, won’t give up and that is foxy!

Get out there, do your best, have fun, enjoy nature, keep it foxy and know that Ladies First Disc Golf is there when you or a friend needs a new disc, new favorite shirt, or anything else to help improve and maintain your game.


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