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Millennium Quantum Polaris Long Straight Vintage CE

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Rare QPLS in 2003 plastic considered to be CE (champion edition plastic), fingerprints are visible on these cloudy and grippy discs. Power players will find this disc to be a true straight flyer with some fade at the end, performs well in the wind. Finesse players will love this small rimmed driver for difficult head & cross wind situations, knowing they will get a predictable flight with distance.

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The Quantum Polaris LS(Long Straight) is a long distance driver that is straight and is one of the sport’s best embodiment’s of distance with control. It can handle a crosswind, and it’s always straight and true downwind. When you need pinpoint accuracy off the tee, the Polaris LS won’t let you down.

The Polaris LS has always been a favorite of new players, and they always carry one in their bag. Experienced players use it as an all-purpose driver. You just can’t beat it.


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165, 166, 167


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