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Ladies First

Ladies First 2″ Iron On Patch


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Applying this iron on patch is easy peasy! Show your love for Ladies First Disc Golf patch with a 2″ die cut iron patch on your bag, cart, fanny pack or favorite sweater!

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Ladies First Disc Golf patch is a die cut 2″, embroidered iron on patch for ease of application. Iron it on your disc golf bag, disc golf cart, favorite shirt. Anything you can iron a patch on needs a Ladies First Disc Golf patch on it.

Suggestions for applying your iron on patch to your apparel, bag or cart:

  • Denim and cotton are the best types of fabric to apply your patch to with an iron.
  • Be very careful with polyester fabrics, since applying the high heat necessary for ironing on patches can burn the fabric or cause it to get discolored.
  • When you are ready to iron your patch on, find a hard surface like an ironing board. If you do not have an ironing board, find a hard sturdy table and place some bath towels over the table to protect the table from the heat of the iron.
  • Be sure that the item you are applying the patch to is laying as flat as possible on the hard surface. If it is your disc golf bag or cart, you may need to put a board behind the part of the bag or cart you are ironing it onto.
  • Place your patch into the item you want to apply it to, with the back side of the patch which has the adhesive on it touching the item you wish to apply it to
  • Turn your heat up to the highest setting on your iron, make sure the “steam” setting is off.
  • Place a thin towel over the patch to protect the patch and iron from transferring the image on the patch onto the iron.
  • Press down firmly with the iron for 15 seconds.
  • Remove the iron and let the patch cool. If the patch is not applied after the first attempt, place the iron over the patch again for an additional 10 seconds. Repeat as many times as needed until the patch is applied.
  • If you are able to sew you may want to consider sewing around the edges of the patch to ensure it stays on over time and wear and tear.


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