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Ladies First
Blend Warden Ladies First Disc Golf Stamp

Blend Warden Ladies First Disc Golf Stamp


Blend Warden with the Ladies First Disc Golf stamp. This beadless putter is the perfect blend of firm classic plastic and flexible soft plastic. If soft putters are too soft in summer give the blend warden a try.



Dynamic Discs Blend Warden with Ladies First Disc Golf Stamp

To bead or not to bead. That is the question. What could Dynamic Discs possibly do in the putter game to follow the Judge, the 2013 Disc of the Year? Introducing the Warden, Dynamic Discs’ beadless putter. With an extremely smooth release and neutral flight, the Warden will come out of your hand easily and fly dead straight to the chains. With more glide than the Judge, it will stay in the air longer to help deflate those high scores. The Warden would like to see you now.

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Blue w/ Blue Stamp 174, Blue w/ Jellybean Stamp 174, Orange w/ Blue Stamp 174, Orange w/ Jellybean Stamp 174, Pink w/ Blue Stamp 174, Pink w/ Jellybean Stamp 174, Red w/ Jellybean Stamp 173

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