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Z Crank SS- Smile, Sparkle & Shine Stamp


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Crank SS is a long range driver for Advanced and Pro level female players. If you consider yourself to have great distance and can throw wider rimmed drivers the Crank SS is a great disc to add to your distance driving set up.



If you love the Crank or Nuke but can’t get the distance out of them, try a Crank SS. Slightly less stable than the original Crank this distance driver is great for women with moderate to good distance skills. Z Plastic is durable and will hold up for a long time. Wide rim distance driver for long range throws.

Description from Discraft

Just because you don’t have a lot of power, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve more distance! Crank SS was designed to deliver significantly more distance for low-power throwers. You’ll find it to be very fast and controllable, with a comfortable grip.

Additional information


Green, Orange


164-166, 167-169 cl


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