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Smile, Sparkle, Shine Buzzz SS- Z Plastic


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Smile, Sparkle and Shine with this Buzzz SS! Super Straight Buzzz is a great tool for new players.  Experienced players will like the Buzzz SS for turnovers.  Made in durable Z plastic this disc will be a reliable tool in your bag for years! Buzzz SS will have you smiling when it stays in the fairway on tight tunnel shots.



Buzzz SS is a slightly understable midrange disc. If you are looking for a more glide and less stability, add a Buzzz SS to your line up. Buzzz SS is a great disc for beginners.Female  disc golfers with less power and lower arm speed will also like the Buzzz SS. Thrown with power the Buzzz SS  is a great turnover disc. Buzzz SS will keep you in the fairway on tight tunnel shots. SS stands for Super Straight.

Who Should Throw a Buzzz SS?

Everyone can bag a Buzzz SS. New women disc golfers will learn a lot from the Buzzz SS. Experienced players will rely on this midrange for turnovers. Excellent disc choice for tight wooded shots.

Additional information


Blue, Pink, Yellow


167-169 cl, 175-176


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