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Help support Throw Pink and the fight against breast cancer by purchasing an XT Colt. $2.00 from every disc is donated to Throw Pink on behalf of Ladies First Disc Golf. Throw Pink co-founder Sara Nicholson is an advocate for women’s disc golf and on our team of Sparkle Sisters. Help support Sara and her mission while saving money, use coupon code: sanc15pct to save 15% on your entire order.



The Colt is a low profile small diameter putt and approach disc similar to the XD or Classic Roc. It is a fairly straight flyer, that can also perform well for slow turnover shots that don’t come crashing back. The Colt is a VTech design, which provides extra torque resistance making it suitable for sidearm and windy play.

The Colt is a low profile putt and approach disc that can handle extra torque and windy conditions.

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