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Ladies First Disc Golf Sparkle Sisters

Be Happy Be Humble Be Helpful

Ladies First Disc Golf has assembled a team to help spread the word about disc golf and our mission to be happy, be humble and be helpful. Guided by their Fairy Disc Mother, our team of ladies known as Sparkle Sisters will do their part to spread the word to disc golfing ladies and gents about Ladies First Disc Golf, as well as being great ambassadors for women’s disc golf.

The disc golf family becomes a first or second family to many, as we see our friends, become brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers to us through the many rounds we enjoy together in the woods or in the field. For some people, it may take longer to realize this family feeling, but that is a goal of our Sparkle Sisters, to make all females feel welcome on the course, whether it is their first time or they have thrown 1 putt or 1,000 putts.

We have chosen our Sparkle Sisters based on their positive, kind personalities and the work they have done in one way or another to help grow and promote women’s disc golf. The Sparkle Sisters come from all areas of the United States, and range in age as well as disc golf skills and accolades. They have several things in common, the main thing is they sparkle with radiance on an off the course through their smiles, laughter and welcoming personalities.

How Do I Become a Sparkle Sister

We keep our team of Sparkle Sisters small as we are a small company and want to be sure we can represent them well. Occasionally we are able to add a sister here or there. If you are interested in applying to be a part of our team fill out the application by clicking here. We can’t guarantee any additions to the team but are happy for your support and your interest.

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