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Ladies First
Bolt Opto Air 150-151 Ladies First Stamp

Bolt Opto Air 150-151 Ladies First Stamp

If you want to increase your distance, and still throw something understable the Air Bolt is the answer! Air Bolt has a wide rim, but is not uncomfortable in any hand size. Easy to throw and a great addition to your bag for gaining distance, especially on wide open holes.

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Air Bolt can be summed up in a couple words, Faster, Further Diamond. If you are looking to increase your distance  but don’t have a lot of power the Air Bolt may just be your answer. The rim is wider than a Diamond, but not as wide as a Discraft Nuke or Westside Discs Air King. Air Bolt will fly faster and further like other wide rimmed discs. This understable driver is best for tailwind settings.  If you have mastered the hyzer flip, the air bolt works nice. 

Opto Air uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. It is modified and the runs are done in a different way to achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs. Opto Air has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim. This solid plastic is to protect the alternated material that is mostly centered in the middle of the rim but also spread out slightly over the top of the discs. This process keeps the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.

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