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Ladies First
Claymore Frostline 173-175 Ladies First Stamp

Claymore Frostline 173-175 Ladies First Stamp

Ladies love the Claymore for straight and accurate shots. The rim on the Claymore is not too big, making it a comfortable fit for any size hand. The Claymore has a lot of glide, with a little fade which helps it to hold any line it is thrown on. Great for straight or hyzer shots that require some finesse combined with some power. We suggest the claymore for wooded holes where it is critical to stay on the fairway.

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Frostline plastic is durable and flexible. It was developed for cold weather climates, it’s durability makes it a great choice all year and in all climates.

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Neon yellow w/ Gold Foil Stamp, Neon yellow w/ Green Foil Stamp, Purple Sparkle w/ Gold Foil Stamp, Purple Sparkle w/ Green Foil Stamp, Red w/ Gold Sparkle Stamp, Red w/ Green Foil Stamp


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