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Disc Flower Scrubby

Disc Flower Scrubby


Clip this flower shaped disc scrubby to your bag to clean off mud, dirt and debris from your discs! Also makes a great catch toy for dogs, puppies and sporty kitties! Pick your favorite color scheme and will send you a scrubby that matches:)

Each flower scrubby is unique. We will send a scrubby from the color selection you pick, patterns vary.


Use me to clean off dry mud, or slightly wet mud from your discs! I don’t work as well with a lot of water, but I will come in handy when you are in need of a quick clean off! Hand made by disc golfer Arlene Gurka each scrubby is unique! Clip it to your bag or cart so you always have a way to dry and clean your discs! Also works for a great fetch toy for dogs!

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Blue/Grey, Pink/Coral, Plum/Turquoise/Green, Purple/Blue, Blue, Blue Natural, Bright Colors, Earth Tones- Blue/Green, Earth Tones-Brown, Pink/Red, Purple/Green, White/Green

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