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Ladies First
Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth Ladies First Stamp

Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth Ladies First Stamp

Straight flying mid range will hold any line it is thrown on. Great disc for new and experienced players.

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The best midrange disc in the game. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer, distance, approach, low ceiling power shots, high floating drop shots, all have been accomplished with the Truth. Beginners and World Champions love this disc and lower their scores with it and you will, too. Pick your disc color, stamp foil and weight in this custom Ladies First Disc Golf Disc.

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 1

About Lucid Plastic:
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.

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Blue Double Stamp Rainbow Party Time 176 grams, Blue w/ American Flag Foil 170 grams, Blue w/ American Flag Foil 171, Blue w/ American Flag Foil 176 grams, White w/ American Flag Foil 171 grams, White w/ Party Time Foil 172 grams, White w/ Partytime Foil 171 grams

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