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ESP Thrasher 150 Class- Smile, Sparkle & Shine Stamp

ESP Thrasher 150 Class- Smile, Sparkle & Shine Stamp

ESP Thrasher in lightweight 145-150 class. Rips out of your hand with speed and control. We recommend the Thrasher for women players in the Intermediate and above PDGA division.

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ESP Thrasher is fast ripping out of the hand. This faster driver will create control for intermediate level players and bomb the fairways for experienced players. Smile, Sparkle & Shine Thrashers are available in lightweight 145-150 class, making them even more appealing for all skill levels. If you throw mostly understable drivers, the Thrasher is a nice addition as it to your bag as it is understable but will always finish left for RHBH throws. If you are near OB right and need something you can get distance out of, but want to stay in bounds throw the Thrasher. For uphill shots the lightweight ESP Thrasher is a great choice to get the extra distance.

Description from Discraft:

The NEW ESP line by Discraft features improved durability and strength, tackier  grip and unique swirl color combos.
Super fast Thrasher is understable without being flippy for long bombs with surprisingly little effort! Perfect distance driver for slower arms, yet completely big arm friendly.

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Blue, Orange, Pink, Sea Green, White

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