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Tie Dye Decal | Ladies First Disc Golf Decal

Tie Dye Decal | Ladies First Disc Golf Decal

5″ oe 3.5″ outdoor permanent adhesive vinyl decal. Tie-dye pattern of the Ladies First Disc Golf logo. NOTE: Each pattern varies. Pictures are just examples of some of the decals.

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Calling all your free spirits, here is the disc golf decal for you! This permanent decal features a tie-dye pattern of the Ladies First Disc Golf logo! Choose from 2 sizes, 5″ or 3.5″.

To apply the decal to the surface:

  • Clean the surface to remove dust and debris
  • Peel the clear transfer part of the decal from the paper backing. The decal will be attached to the clear transfer tape.
  • Apply the clear transfer tape with decal to your surface.
  • Using a straight edge, like a credit card squeegee out any air bubbles from the transfer tape.
  • Slowly and carefully remove the clear transfer tape from the surface, only the decal should remain.

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3.5", 5"

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