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Latitude 64 Opto Air River

Latitude 64 Opto Air River

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Latitude 64 Opto Ait River is easy to throw and fits most player’s power and skill levels. Air plastic offers classic discs in lighter weights which players with lower arm speed find easier to throw.
River is a fairway control driver and while it’s not the fastest disc Latitude 64 has made and doesn’t have the widest wing ever made, it is a disc for accurate driving and good control. With a small fade and amazing glide, you can really let it fly onto those big anhyzer curves.

Latitude 64 Opto River is a great step up if you are finding your discs turning over to the right shortly after you release them. This is an all-around great disc for players of all skill levels, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro women will get the best use out of the River by Latitude 64.


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Orange 159, Peach 156, Pink 159, Yellow 159, Orange 156, Pink 156, Yellow 156

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