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Millennium Omega AP Vintage 146-150 Class

Millennium Omega AP Vintage 146-150 Class


Have trouble making it to the basket on those longer putts? Then you must add a Millennium Omega AP to your arsenal of discs. The light weight and straight flight mean you can throw it the same as your standard putters with less effort–they just go!! Staying true to their flight they go where you throw them. This run of discs features the Ladies First Disc Golf stamp and is from a batch 2005 Millennium Omega AP’s, rare and won’t be produced again.

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Perhaps the concept of throwing a light weight putter is a scary one, as most disc golfers tend to putt with weights close to max weight. If you have not got on board with having at least 1 lightweight putter in your bag you may be missing out on some valuable putt and approach shots. The Millennium Omega AP goes exactly where you throw it and stays straight throw it’s flight. Is great as an accurate approach disc, but when it really becomes glorious is for longer putts. A long putt to you may be 15′ or it may be 45′ or anywhere in between–whatever the distance is that you consider long a light weight putter can help you get into the basket without exerting any additional effort than normal.

These specific Millennium Omega AP’s are from a 2005 run with a gritty feeling to the top of the disc.

Millennium Omega AP 146-150 Class make an excellent disc for a child or beginner disc golfer.

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