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Millennium Quantum Polaris Long Straight Vintage CE

Millennium Quantum Polaris Long Straight Vintage CE

Rare QPLS in 2003 plastic considered to be CE (champion edition plastic), fingerprints are visible on these cloudy and grippy discs. Power players will find this disc to be a true straight flyer with some fade at the end, performs well in the wind. Finesse players will love this small rimmed driver for difficult head & cross wind situations, knowing they will get a predictable flight with distance.

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The Quantum Polaris LS(Long Straight) is a long distance driver that is straight and is one of the sport’s best embodiment’s of distance with control. It can handle a crosswind, and it’s always straight and true downwind. When you need pinpoint accuracy off the tee, the Polaris LS won’t let you down.

The Polaris LS has always been a favorite of new players, and they always carry one in their bag. Experienced players use it as an all-purpose driver. You just can’t beat it.


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