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Opto Chameleon Sapphire

Opto Chameleon Sapphire

From the Easy to Use Line Up! This First Run Sapphire in Chameleon plastic is limited edition. If you like the Diamond but are looking for something that goes a little further and faster with the same glide- try the Sapphire a 10 speed Easy to Use Distance Driver.

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A new edition to the Easy to Use Line of discs from Latitude 64 is the Sapphire! The Sapphire combines the ease of use and glide like the popular Diamond. With an increased speed of 10 players who love the Diamond but are looking for extra distance will find the Sapphire to be a useful tool!

The Sapphires rim is slightly wider than a Diamond but more shallow than a Jade. It fits comfortably in any size hand.


Read about the history of the Sapphire here

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Dark Chameleon 156, Dark Chameleon 157, Dark Chameleon 159, Light Chameleon 157

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