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Throw Pink Ultimate Frisbee

Throw Pink Ultimate Frisbee


Help support Throw Pink and ARIA by purchasing a Throw Pink stamped ARIA Ultimate Disc today! ARIA Ultimate Frisbee can be used to play catch with friends but is also a championship level Ultimate Frisbee. It can be used for the most casual affairs to high caliber tournaments.

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A frisbee made for playing catch or ultimate frisbee that supports Throw Pink. Made by ARIA Discs an ultimate frisbee company owned by 5 siblings. Two of the siblings are women who play professional ultimate frisbee. What makes ARIA Discs frisbees stand out from competitors ultimate frisbees:

  • ARIA Discs is dedicated to the sport of ultimate frisbee. Using precision technology to make a world of difference.
  • Durability: Aria discs will last longer in all conditions. They maintain their high-quality material and stay soft on the hand.
  • Temperature consistency: ARIA ultimate discs stay consistent in extreme temperatures.  Unlike other ultimate frisbee discs who may get brittle in the cold or floppy in the heat.
  • Higher Precision: With a precise wing shape and flight rings along with a sleek design, it will add 5 yards to your full field throws.
  • Good for the Sport: ARIA operates with a matching social partner donation model.  ARIA donates to programs as a way to effect social change.
  • Official: ARIA discs are officially approved by USA Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation championship level discs. ARIA is a great choice for state, national and world level caliber tournaments.

Help support Throw Pink and ARIA by purchasing a Throw Pink stamped ARIA Ultimate Disc today!

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