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Ladies First
Orgio Burst Underworld with Ladies First Disc Golf Stamp

Orgio Burst Underworld with Ladies First Disc Golf Stamp

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Orgio Burst Underworld is the big sister of the Diamond. If you have moved up from the Latitude 64 Diamond and need something you can throw with it more power but have a straight flight, try the Underworld.

Orgio Burst Underworld is a 7 speed driver, has a narrow rim, and is easy to throw for new and experienced players.

Speed: 7 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 1

From Dynamic Discs Website:

Designed with the newer player in mind, the Underworld will allow any player to accomplish an anhyzer shot. It is understable and low profile. Great for players to buy as their first disc, the Underworld will be just what a beginner needs. For professional players, it makes a great continuous anhyzer line and is great for rolling right out of the box.

About Orgio Plastic

Grip. That was the intention. Make a plastic that feels great and is easy to throw. Origio is that solution. In the same way that Prime for Dynamic Discs and Retro for Latitude 64 brought this incredible plastic to their line of discs, Origio now makes your favorite Westside discs feel that much better.

Additional information

Design and Color

Purple w/ Blue Stamp 174, Purple w/ Green Holographic Stamp 174, Purple w/ Pink Stamp 174, Purple wiht Green Holographic Stamp 173, Red w/ Blue Sparkle Stamp 173, Red w/ Blue Sparkle Stamp 174, Red w/ Blue Stamp 173, Red w/ Blue Stamp 174, Red w/ Gold Stamp 173, Red w/ Gold Stamp 174, Red w/ Purple Stamp 174

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