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Westside Discs TP Seer 160-169g

Westside Discs TP Seer 160-169g

Need a straight flying fairway driver with a cool owl and magical lady? Look no further the Seer is here! The Westside Discs Seer is the Ladies First Disc Golf new favorite disc to our line up for 2017.

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The Seer from Westside Discs is a 2015 release and a great choice for people with smaller hands, slower arms speeds as well as anyone looking for a disc that will hold a straight line. The seer has great glide. If you are looking for a disc you can throw down a tunnel we definitely suggest trying out the Seer, it is our new favorite disc in our line up for the 2017 season!


VIP plastic is our most durable plastic. It comes in a nice see through and opaque appearance. It has a tacky grip nice glossy finish. Designed with super resistant polymers to withstand great force, still hold its shape, and maintain original flight characteristics. No matter what you hit VIP will show great resilience and fly the same the next time you throw it.

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Red, Swirly Blue

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