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Ladies First
Winking Cat Knee High Socks

Winking Cat Knee High Socks


Ladies who love cat’s and disc golf we have the socks for you! Grey socks have adorable winking cat’s on them, cause we can never really tell what those cat’s are up to! Have fun, be with the kitties and put these socks on!

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Nice drive, wink wink. Nice putt, wink wink! Oh cat’s, you know you can never tell if they love you or are plotting your demise. Let’s hope these winking cat socks on your legs will be loving you with their adorable winking eyes. Why wear tall cat socks on the disc golf course? They will protect you from ticks, mosquitoes, sticks and other hazards. The winking kitties have got your back when it comes to leg protection.

55% Cotton, 43% Polyester, 2% Spandex

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