Ladies First Lady of the Month February 2016: Rebekah Kersey

How did you discover disc golf?
When I was first introduced I was still an avid softball player. I went out one summer day with a group of friends that I worked with and I was terrible. Usually I can try almost any sport and be halfway decent so it really drove me nuts that I wasn’t very good. It hooked me though and made me want to get better and in the meantime I fell in love with the game, being outside and one with nature, the social aspect, the competition, and the community.


Backhand, Forehand or Both?
4 years ago… forehand. Now, both, definitely. I like having the option depending on the layout of the hole, the wind, etc.


How many disc golf tournaments did you play in 2015?
17 PDGA, 1 Southern National, and about a dozen local club tournaments.

You are the 2014  Rookie of the Year, was that a goal of yours or something that was coincidental to the number of events you played?
It was never a goal of mine from the get go. Only once I knew I was in contention did I make the push to get the title… which involved a LOT of traveling and tournaments.


Since the Rams are no longer the NFL team for St. Louis, would you consider becoming a Green Bay Packer fan? If not Green Bay, which NFL team will you cheer for?
I have no problem cheering on the PACKERS (Go Pack Go!) especially since my good friend it a HUGE fan however I really have been following the Seattle Seahawks for the last few years since the Rams weren’t that great anyway.

Are there any States or tournaments you haven’t played before that you are considering playing in 2016?
I realllllly want to got to Manitowoc this year for the Silver Cup around my birthday. I have never been that far up north for disc golf.


Photo courtesy of Silver Cup Pro Tour Website


If you could have a spirit animal, which animal would you choose?
So I didn’t really know how to answer without just throwing something out a random for no good reason so I instead when online and found a quiz… ha. Apparently I am a deer. Surprisingly the description was spot on however…

Which are your top 3 favorite courses?
Camden 2 in Iowa, Waterworks in Kansas City, Prides Creek in Indiana


What is your favorite color?
Black followed by teal and purple

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be? 

Hmm well I love IPAs and I love me some Val Doss so I would choose her and Nate’s Understable IPA.


Photo from Bill Wilbur Wallis Facebook Page