March 2019 Lady of the Month: The Disc Princess Jessica Weese

You have been playing since you were a young lady, at what age did you first start playing disc golf?

I started playing disc golf at the age of 6. Maybe even before then… my mom played a lot when I was younger.

Your power and distance with forehand drives is one of the best in the FPO division. For a player wanting to increase their distance and power on a forehand drive, what is the best advice you can give them to help with this?

I try focusing on planting my left foot at the same time I throw the disc, also when you let go, the angle of your wrist means the world.

Which disc golf event do you look forward to playing every year?

Every year I look forward to the World Championships!  I have won big events before, but the only one everyone will never forget is the World Championships.

Over the last 5 years what is the most exciting thing you experienced on the disc golf course?

Winning 1st Place at the Beaver State Fling in 2015, Utah Open, and the Ledgestone Open. I just cant wait to take a world title!

Photo Credit: Lauren Lakeberg

Do you attend any women only tournaments throughout the year? If so, what are your favorite women’s only tournaments or leagues to attend?

Yes I try to attend the USWDGC every year.

I used to play the Daisy Chains Event in Santa Cruz, CA. That was one of the most amazing women’s tournaments, unfortunately my schedule has put a stop to that tournament for me.

Poppy Series is an all ladies series of tournaments in California I try to attend the ones that I can.

I have played at Ladies of the Lake in Ohio.  And I am sure I am missing some….

As a member of the Innova Star team if Innova said “Jessica, you can only play with 3 discs for the rest of your disc golf career” what 3 discs would you choose? Only 3?

I guess I’d have to say- Glo champion Leopard3 168g, Star Vulcan 169g, and Star Destroyer 168g

We have seen the beautiful necklaces you make, how did you get into making jewelry?

I have always loved beads, my grandma is a rock-hound.  Every year the gem and mineral show came to town, I always spent hours at the bead table helping set up and take down. The lady working the booth always gave me beads as a thank you for helping.

Every time I get new beads it inspires me to break out my bead collection and get working!

~Thank you Anette for being my bead inspiration. ~

After just running your first disc golf tournament with the help of Garrett Gurthie and your mom Sheri, what was the biggest takeaway as first time tournament director?

You must have a crew of people to help you. All helpers must know their job and how to do it, there is no time to answer everyone’s questions.

How can people support you so you can stay on the road and tour?

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I post jewelry for sale, I also post my custom stamped discs for sale.


~ Stay Tuned

As a female player who started playing a young age, what is advice do you have for young lady or teenage disc golfers in terms of sticking with it, and making it a lifelong activity?

Well, being a young girl I wanted to do my own thing. My mom would go play disc golf while I was in school.

When I got out of school I would walk to the park and meet my mom. I would put my backpack away and grab my skateboard. I was  sponsored for skateboarding way before I was any good at disc golf. At the age of 11, I beat my mom for the first time in a tournament round. This was my all time favorite memory as a kid. I told everyone at the tournament! She hated that, but little did she know that was my motivation for my future of Disc Golf.

Don’t ever pressure the kids into playing, make it fun, that is my all time advice!

-Jessica Weese The Disc Princess <3