Disc Golf With Your Dog!

Why Should I Disc Golf with my Dog?

If you like parks, playing games, and spending time outdoors with your four-legged friend disc golf is the perfect new activity for your life! Disc golf is often played in public parks where dogs are allowed. It is a walk in the park with a purpose and your pooch. You can get exercise for you and your dog while testing your skills and playing a game. Your dog will get to explore new places, scents, and sounds as you travel to new disc golf courses. We all know that dogs need their brains stimulated but so do humans and playing disc golf is the perfect way to challenge yourself and stimulate your brain!

Roscoe’s first-time disc golfing with elder momma Ellie.

10 Tips for Disc Golfing with My Dog

  1. Make sure the course you are playing allows dogs. Check UDisc and local disc golf Facebook groups to locate dog-friendly courses.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash. Even if your dog is well-behaved off-leash most parks require dogs to be always on a leash. Also, dogs who are reactive and not friendly with other dogs may have issues with an unleashed dog. It’s just safer for everyone!
  3. Keep your dog hydrated. Bring extra water and a container for them to drink out of. If you don’t have an extra container, a spare disc golf disc works perfectly as a dish.
  4. Protect your dog with flea and tick repellent. Follow your veterinarian’s advice for which products are best. For added protection, all-natural flea and tick spray can be applied to a bandana or collar before you start your round of disc golf.
  5. Bring a friend! Since you will need to keep your dog on a leash at all times having someone to help hold the leash while you are on the tee pad is helpful.
  6. Start small. Visit a 9-hole course if you are just starting out and play a couple of holes to see how your dog does with the starting and stopping that is involved while being on the disc golf course.
  7. Don’t ever throw your disc when your dog is ahead of you. Make sure they are behind you or anyone else in your group while you are throwing.
  8. Clean up after yourself and your dog. Make sure any trash you bring you dispose of in a garbage can or take with you when you leave the course. That includes picking up your dog’s waste as well.
  9. Give your dog its own frisbee or dog disc to carry with them. If your dog likes to chase or play fetch make sure they have their own equipment so they won’t be tempted by yours. Dog discs are designed for dogs to catch and hold in their mouth without causing damage.
  10. Take your dog on a walk before they go to the course so they have some of their energy burned. This is especially helpful for young, high-energy dogs who just can’t get enough of a good time!