November 2019 Lady of the Month: Erikah Weir 

Erika Weir PDGA #68633 is a newly turned professional disc golfer. In July of 2019, Erikah competed and won Amateur Worlds in the Advanced Women division. Erikah lives in Denver, CO and is a member of the Innova Disc Golf Ambassador Team. She joined the PDGA in 2014 and has worked her way up through the amateur rankings. 2020 will be Erikah’s first year competing in the professional division in all events.

When were you introduced to disc golf? Who introduced you to disc golf?

I was an Ultimate Frisbee player for 7 years before finding disc golf. Unfortunately, my body was breaking down after running all of the miles from Ultimate and playing lacrosse in college. But, my good friend Jen Underwood was kind enough to introduce me to disc golf in 2013 as a way to keep throwing and enjoy a beer or two on the course. Soon, it became an addiction for me and Jen has never forgiven herself 🙂

For drives do you primarily throw backhand, forehand or a combination of both?


I throw a combination of both. For any tunnels or tight fairways, I generally throw forehand. For power shots that have little danger (OB or bunkers), I generally throw backhand.

What is your philosophy on putting?

My putting has always been a work in progress. Currently, I do my best to get my drives and upshots to land as close to the basket as possible so putting tends to be less stressful. But, for the offseason, I hope to increase my “comfort range” inside the circle. From the few Professional tournaments I have played this year, I think that’s the biggest difference I have seen from moving up from the Amateur ranks. We have a few putting leagues in Colorado that I hope to attend and I will work with Perfect Putt 360 on my own to track my progress.

Photo credit: PDGA Flickr

Do you have any relation to Bob (Weir)?

Depends on which Bob Weir you are referring to 🙂 I have an Uncle Bob Weir but he is not the guitarist from the Grateful Dead.

Do you attend a women’s disc golf league? If so, what is your favorite part about participating in a women’s disc golf league?

In Boulder, we have a weekly women’s tag match run by the fabulous Ali Dorato. She has had great success with getting about 5-10 women each week for a round of 18; during the high season, even more! My favorite part is getting to know the women that keep coming back and watching various parts of their game improve. Whether it’s using a new disc, adding distance to drives or sinking a long putt, the energy is fantastic!

If you could only play disc golf with 3 discs, which 3 discs would you choose?

Driver: older Pro Thunderbird, Mid: Star Aviar X3 (my FAVORITE disc!) and Putter: XT Whale.

You traveled a bit in 2019 for various disc golf events. What state that you traveled to in 2019 did you enjoy the most? Any favorite courses you can’t wait to get back to?

So far, in 2019, we have been to Nevada, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Arizona. I am originally from Pennsylvania, so it was great to get back to my home state and see some East Coast courses. I think that Iron Hill DGC in Delaware was the hardest course I played all year and I would like to get another crack at it in 2020!

Are there any disc golf courses you haven’t played yet that you dream of playing?

Absolutely! The majority of my disc golf career has been based in Colorado so there are MANY courses out there I want to play! Like anyone, Smuggler’s Notch, Maple Hill and Milo McIver are all on my list. I just got to play Fountain Hills in Phoenix, AZ and standing on the first MPO teepad was so much more intimidating that I had expected it to be!

If you could have an official beverage of disc golf what would it be?

I love the Tropical Punch flavor of Body Armor. I drink a TON of it while I am playing!

You are the 2019 Amateur World Champion in the FA1 division, congratulations!

The competition was fierce and talented women disc golfers are a growing force, you are part of that force. Did you have a goal before the competition started? Do you have any advice for women who aspire to be world champion disc golfers on how to achieve their goals?

Thank you so much! Before the competition, my goal was to shoot above my rating and end my Amateur career on the highest note possible. I really wanted to make it to the Final 9 and luckily, I was able to make that happen.

Photo Credit: PDGA Flickr


As far as advice: less discs = less risks! Get to know discs that will work well for your game and keep the selection small. Gaining confidence in your bag will equate to confidence on the tee pad and in the putting circle. Hard work really does work! In addition, I encourage women disc golfers to support one another and celebrate the small victories! Operating from a place of abundance instead of scarcity has been a rule of thumb for me in 2019. At Worlds, it was so inspiring to play with very talented women during each round. We were all vying for one coveted title but the camaraderie on our cards was very positive and encouraging! I was blown away by the talent and can’t wait to see where the Women’s game goes from here!

A note from Erikah

Thank you Jenny for this opportunity! I really love Ladies First Disc Golf and love wearing my apparel out on the course. Definitely want to thank my sponsors Innova Champion Discs and Gatekeeper Media! Innova has provided amazing plastic and wonderful support and Gatekeeper produced my “In the Bag” video this summer. I really look forward to continuing our partnerships in the 2020 season! A big thank you to my Mile High Disc Golf family, in Denver and Boulder, for all of their support as well. Wherever I am playing, I can truly feel the Colorado Love. And, last but certainly not least: one final thank you to Michael Oswald-my caddy for DG and life! You are the best!


April 2018 Lady of the Month: Pixie Cannon

When did you first start playing disc golf? Did anyone help you get into the sport?

My first round of Disc Golf was in May of 2012. A co-worker and I were hanging out, talking about the empty feeling I had from high school sports and competition coming to an end. Disc Golf was recommended and I was hooked after my first round! 

Forehand, backhand or both?

I use both forehand and backhand. I choose between the two by the angles of the fairway, and the variables I’m presented with. I was told by fellow Team Discraft member, Neal Dambra PDGA#200, that to truly go far in this sport you need both. Since that day a few years ago I have made it a big point to practice both equally. It really helps out to have both throws, strong staples in my bag.


What is your favorite disc for crushing drives?

I have 2 favorite discs that I use for distance. For straight to anhyzer shots I use a Z Heat, 175 gm. I can trust it to do its job down long tunnels, and straight shots. The Z Heat is the most used disc in my bag, besides my putters.

Photo Courtesy Discraft


For distance shots that finish hyzering, I go for an ESP Force, 172gm. I like to pull this disc over and let it fly its full flight pattern. This disc saves me so many strokes out there during tournament rounds. 

Photo Courtesy Discraft

What is your favorite thing about being on the road traveling to play disc golf?

My first practice round at a new course. I have a deep appreciation for good course design, and view the way we twist and twine through the trees and hills as art. I’m so glad we get the opportunity to play on such prestigious courses. I love it when nature takes my breathe away. 


What is your best tip for playing disc golf in the wind?

Trust your shot. I could tell you the normal physics of wind and the way the disc will lift or fall depending on the direction it’s blowing, but honestly when it comes down to it, trusting your shot is what matters the most. You have to make a choice regardless of the other factors, and you need to trust that choice. If you’re confident in your decision, it will not turn out as bad as when you aren’t sure and soft arm it.

Photo Courtesy Discraft

Fill in the blank….Disc golf is ________. 


What disc golf destination is at the top of your list that you haven’t been to yet?

Maple Hill

If you had to choose an official beer of disc golf, what would it be?

Deschutes Brewery’s Chain Breaker White IPA

What do you think your dog’s favorite part about being a disc dog is?

When we get out of the car in a new State. She gets so overjoyed by the new smells and wildlife.


How can people help to support your touring efforts?

We are looking to run doubles events with free clinics throughout our travels this year. If you would like us to come to your area and put on a great show and event email me at [email protected] Also keep an eye out for out next Tour Fundraiser Disc, Inspired by Pinky and the Brain<3 The art has been commissioned for development and we are so thrilled to see the final product!


July 2017 Lady of the Month: Virginia Hawthorne

How did you first hear about disc golf, when did you start playing?

I first heard about it from a friend’s boyfriend and thought it was absolutely insane and pointless. Then five years ago (this month actually, happy anniversary) I met my dude and he played. I wanted to hang out with him so badly all the time so when he suggested it I thought it was a great idea all of a sudden. It then took me about a year and a half after that to get serious about it. I really used to be bad at it for a long time and still don’t know why I kept playing. Anyway, I played in an Ice Bowl with my future really good friend Cheryln Rawls. She is really good! And I was like well crap! I don’t have to suck because I am a woman. I figured I should step my game up a bit so I wasn’t embarrassed to play against her. I still haven’t beaten her, but have gotten pretty close, as long as she is distracted by pushing her extraordinarily well-behaved daughter in a stroller.

Do you think chickens should be allowed on the disc golf courses?

Of course. They are amazing tick control! There are very few downsides to chickens in any setting, in my opinion.

What are your three favorite things about disc golf?

1. Walking in nature. It is amazing sneaky exercise.

2. Friendships, both on social media and locally.

3. The feeling of improvement. I still feel very far away from my true potential in the sport. (Don’t look at my rating to confirm this fact.)

What are your three favorite courses in Kentucky?

1. Stuart Nelson Disc Golf Course. *The Home Course* one of the harder courses in our area but you always run into a friendly face.

2. Kess Creek in Mayfield. Pretty good for beginners but also has some good wooded technical holes.

3. Central Park DGC in Murray KY. Ok so, my last tournament I played a pretty good round and a horrible round here but I have to shout this one out because they just added 9 holes that reportedly make it even harder. So thanks a lot, guys.

Honorable mention: Fort Massac. Technically in Metropolis, Illinois but right across the mighty Ohio. Won my first tournament there and also is just a beautiful, hard course.

Forehand or Backhand?

Backhand only. I wish I could flick a little to get out of all the abovementioned woods though!

What is your favorite driver, midrange and putter?

Driver: Pink metal flake Roadrunner, but going more toward a Westside Queen as I have started throwing faster.

Midrange: Buzzz or Emac Truth depending on the shot.

Putter: Pink Wizards.

If you could have any female disc golfer as your partner for a doubles tournament who would you choose?

Val! She is my favorite player. She is so good and has done so much for the women of the sport. She seems so nice and cool also. I am a serious Valarie fangirl. I hope she doesn’t read this and think I am weird. Man, the likelihood she is going to read this is really high! Holy crap. Um. Hi Val. Love you. (Was that weird?)


What is one tip you would give to a player who is just starting to play disc golf?

I used to throw behind myself. Keep at it, and even if you are terrible, you are still getting a good walk in the woods.

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Honestly I am probably the world’s least picky beer drinker. Having said that, my favorite disc golf beer is Abita Strawberry lager, perfect for a nice warm summer day at the course.

You recently ran your 3rd Throw Pink Paducah tournament and it was another successful event, congrats! Why should more clubs and tournament directors try to run at least one fundraiser event a year and why should players support these events?

One of the top reasons I love fundraiser events, Throw Pink especially, is that they really help get women involved in disc golf. Throw Pink fundraisers are such a good way to draw out those beginner and casual women players and get them feeling connected to the disc golf community at large. The other big reason to throw fundraiser events on a club level is the dramatic way they impact your community relations. It is the best opportunity you have for getting disc golf publicized in local media. You can build long-term relationships with local businesses. And lastly, fundraisers are a great way to connect your club to your parks department.





At a disc golf tournament you can connect with your friends, nature and of course your disc to the basket. Often tournaments can feel like a family reunion seeing old friends who are like family members, the older and wiser player who is like your mom or dad, and we can’t forget that crazy uncle that everyone loves, but knows is a bit in his own world. At my family reunions and parties there is one thing that is always present: food.

Playing disc golf burns calories, requires energy, therefore avoiding that dreadful tummy growl is always a great way to stay focused for the entire tournament. Staying sustained through the round is critical but starting out the day with a healthy meal the night before and a healthy breakfast is often even more important to good sustained energy and focus. In order to last the duration of the party you must be prepared. We are starting a new series on our blog where we will feature a recipe each month that is a healthy snack for on the course, a healthy & convenient breakfast to start the day off or a healthy easy dinner to eat the night before competition.

To kick off the tournament season for 2017 let’s start with a favorite snack recipe that I learned from my husband’s grandma: Party Mix

I’m Jenny and I like to party. Well yes, that is true I sure do enjoy a good party, and it is always better with good food!

As I get older disc golf is my party life; nothing better than spending a beautiful sunny day in nature while navigating plastic discs through the woods. If half way through my adventure in woods I start to get hungry I often lose focus and pick up a few extra strokes I don’t want. A good snack to have on hand is Party Mix. This snack is like chex mix, but when making it at home it has less preservatives, and a more fresh taste to it. It’s pretty easy to make, the assembly is definitely easy, it takes longer to bake it than it does to prep it, let’s get to it:

1.) Preheat oven to 250 degrees

2.) Gather your ingredients

  • 6 tblsp butter ( I like to use organic salted butter, it doesn’t have to be organic but good quality butter is recommended)
  • 4 tsp Worcestershire
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 3 cups rice chex
  • 3 cups corn chex
  • 1 cup pretzles
  • 3/4 cup mixed nuts

3.) Start by melting your butter in a microwave safe dish (about 30 seconds). Once your butter is melted stir your Worcestershire sauce and garlic salt in with the butter.

4.) Find the largest bowl you have and add the chex, pretzels and mixed nuts to it. I like to shake the bowl around so that all the ingredients get mixed up pretty good. Once your dry ingredients have partied together pretty well, add your saucy butter mix and continue to party by shaking it up again. Stir, and shake until all pieces are well coated.

5.) If you have a large flat pizza pan, or cookie sheet locate those items. You are going to be pouring your party mix onto your pans to bake in the oven for 45 minutes, you want to make sure it is spread out into a single layer, you may need multiple pans. Spread your party mix out among a large pan or multiple pans.

6.) Place pans in preheated 250 degree oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes stir pieces to ensure even baking, place back in oven. Repeat this step 2 more times, at 15 minutes intervals stir your party mix.


November 2016 Lady of the Month: Sue Stephens Female Touring Pioneer and 3X World Champ

We have heard that you were the first or among the first women to go on tour. When did you start touring, and what was the most difficult thing about being on tour early on?

I started touring in 1999, I decided to quit my job, sell my house, and hop in the 1973 Winnebago with Al Shack and Todd Branch. Some of the difficulties were long distances between tournaments and small women’s divisions. I did get to meet a lot of great people and see a lot of beautiful courses.


Do you primarily throw forehand or backhand? 

I am right handed but I throw left handed backhand, and some right hand forehand upshots


What is your favorite type of cheese?

I love cheese, sharp cheddar is probably my favorite.


What are your 3 favorite courses in Michigan?

Brewer Park in Grand Rapids,

Mason County in Ludington,


Photo courtesy DG Course Review. Mason County Parks Beauty Course

Blue Gill in Wayland

Putting, driving or approach? Which of these is the strongest part of your disc golf game?

I think that my driving is my strongest part of my game, I think if I would spend more time practicing putting I would shave off some strokes.


What 3 courses in the world would you like to play that you haven’t had the opportunity to play yet?

I’m not sure, I have never been to Colorado, maybe something in Hawaii, and Johnson park one of my favorite local courses is being reinstalled and I think they will be using it for world’s next year.

If you could have a tee off song what would it be?

I like a lot of different music, mostly hard rock, usually something fast to get me pumped up.

(Sue didn’t have a specific song for us, here is one we would suggest as it fits her description of hard rock and fast we hope it would get her pumped up)


You are a 3 time world champion, taking 1st in Grandmasters Women in 2016, 1st in Masters women in 2012 and 1st in the Advanced Women’s’ Division at Amatuer Worlds in 1997, any advice on how to deal with the high pressure that comes along with competing and winning a major disc golf event?

Practice the courses, know what all your disc do even your backup disc, bring enough water and a snack, have confidence in yourself, practice putting a lot.


If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Fat Tire or any good Amber



What is the biggest piece of advice you have for someone who is thinking about going on tour?

Pre register for the tournament, try to get to the course a few days early to check it out, find out who the local sponsors are and check them out to thank them, have fun, stay positive, be a good role model.









How to make friends on the disc golf course

I don’t know about you, but I have big goals for my disc golf game in 2016.

Increasing my player rating, playing the Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour, competing at Am Worlds, and having lots of fun of course!

Whether you have performance or competitive goals, or you just want to get out to some new courses this year, it’s not going to magically happen on its own.

In my experience I have found that the single biggest predictor of achieving any goal (disc golf-related or not) is the level of accountability and support I have.

When I first wanted to start playing disc golf regularly a few years ago, I was new in town and didn’t know anybody. I was really self-conscious about going to the course alone. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb on the course as I was oftentimes the only woman and a beginner to boot. I didn’t want to hold anyone up or be ‘judged’ by the more experienced players. Consequently my rounds were few and far between.

My playing frequency, skill, experience, and overall enjoyment of the game increased exponentially after I joined the Disc On! Ladies League (DOLLs), started playing tournaments with my new friends from league, and after meeting my boyfriend, traveling around to different courses each weekend with him and his friends.

I have learned so much from playing with other people (most of them better than me): proper throwing form and technique, disc flight paths, how to adjust your strategy based on the weather, selecting the proper disc for the shot, course etiquette and rules, and how to stay in the game mentally when you are having a bad round, just to name a few.

So if you’re looking to up-level your game and want someone to join you out on the course, where can you find them? Making friends can be hard at any age. Here are a few tried and tested sources from my own experience and from some of my fellow disc golfers:

Online. Disc golfers are very active online, from Facebook groups and exchange boards to Instagram accounts and more. A simple search should turn up a lot of options. The PDGA website is also an underutilized gold mine – the member database makes it easy to search for players in your area and local coordinators.

On the course. If you catch up to a group and the offer to let you play through, ask if you can join their group! Single ladies, the odds are especially in your favor 🙂 Helping someone search for a lost disc is also an easy icebreaker.

Local shop owners. If you’re fortunate to have a disc golf shop near you, the owners/employees are a great resource. They will know all about local leagues, tournaments, and course regulars to whom they’d be happy to introduce you. Plus you can strike up a conversation with the other shop customers.

Leagues. Many courses host weekly league play and are a great way to meet a lot of people in an organized setting. There are a range of options, from non-competitive women’s leagues like DOLLs, all the way up to PDGA sanctioned leagues that count toward your player rating.

Tournaments. When I was new to the sport, the idea of playing in a tournament sounded very intimidating. Luckily I was encouraged/lovingly peer-pressured into signing up for a tournament by other DOLLs members and found out that I loved it! There are multiple divisions to choose from so you are competing against players of your same gender and skill level, and you can meet people from all over the state. I’ve had the most fun at all-women tournaments like the Women’s Global Event and the Wisco Disco.

Does the idea of striking up a conversation with a stranger make you cringe? Me too, most of the time. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the past couple years, it’s that disc golfers are some of the friendliest and most generous people around. Even though it’s an individual sport, there is so much camaraderie. The great thing about disc golf is that you can play with people of all skill levels and still have a good time. You’re in good company.

And finally, once you’ve found your new disc golf friends, don’t forget to pay it forward! If you come across a solo player on the course, invite them to join you. Talk to someone you haven’t met before at a tournament or the new guy or gal at league. Put up a post in your local Facebook group inviting anyone to join you for your next round. And grow the sport by inviting your non-disc golfing friends too!

What are your 2016 disc golf goals, and who is going to help you reach them?

About the author:

Casey Pennington, PDGA #74708 started playing “frisbee” golf over ten years ago when she began organizing tournaments on a homemade course at her annual family reunion. (She has since graduated to real discs and metal baskets.)


Most days you can find her taking a break from her consulting business ( at one of the courses in Sheboygan. On weekends she loves to travel around Wisconsin for tournaments and casual rounds with friends, rain or shine or snow!

Lady of the Month October: Katrina Kozar, disc golfer and MasterChef contestant

You’ve probably been trying to master cooking longer than disc golf, how long have you been playing disc golf?

My first round in September 1999 at South Park of Wood County parks next to Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids. I was a freshman in Stevens Point, WI and met a guy in my songwriting class and he asked me to go with him. It was fun!


Your tournament career has slowed down from your early years in disc golf, but we know there are a few tournaments you play each year. How do you determine which disc golf tournaments you will play each year?

It sure has slowed down. Truthfully, it’s all about the people


It’s not about the game anymore, it’s reconnecting with people from a sport that I made great friendships with.


I try to play Silver Cup (Manitowoc, WI), Prairie Open (Kenosha, WI), and MXG (Milwaukee, WI).

Since being on MasterChef has tested your skills and taught you to perform under pressure, have you been able to translate this to making difficult shots, or risky putts in disc golf tournaments?

The biggest struggle with my game and with cooking under pressure, is my head. When I know I am “on” and not overthinking everything, I perform much better. I have been trying to let things go and not be so hard on myself. I just think that is life too.


What is your favorite tool for the kitchen and what is your favorite tool for the disc golf course?

My favorite tool is a spoon. People forget to taste their food while you are making it. If you following a recipe, taste what you making. There needs to be a balance in your food. It might need more salt, acid, heat, sweetness, spice etc… My favorite disc is a Bright Green Surge Flex ESP, 167 g, with Mickey holding a Mickey on it!


Pictured is a different but also amazing Mickey Disc drawn by Katrina’s friend Barrett White.

What kind of breakfast meal would you prepare for someone on the first day of a large disc golf event, like a Major or National tour?

First I would ask my client. Are you a big breakfast type of person or small? But, for me and if I’d have enough time, (which usually isn’t the case) I would like maple sausage patties with over medium eggs and American fries. But, if I am short on time (which usually is the case) I really just love yogurt, fruit and homemade granola with flax seeds.

What ingredients are needed for a top notch round of disc golf?

Great friends, kksonbcc

good weather, teamp

and a cold beer. party


We know you were pretty much occupied with Master Chef when you were in California filming, did you get a chance to play any disc golf?
I wasn’t able to play any disc golf, but I did meet someone who plays and on a regular and has been in the California Disc Golf Scene for a long time!

What advice do you have for a disc golfer that may want to try something new like a tournament or league, but aren’t sure if they can stack up to the competition?
First off, don’t worry about the competition have fun, meet new friends and don’t worry if you are a new at the sport, because there is a lot of support out in the disc golf world.

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Moon Man No Coast Ale brewed by New Glarus Brewing in New Glarus, WI or Fantasy Factory IPA, Karben 4 in Madison, WI!!

Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale





Fantasy Factory IPA


How can we try the delicious food you cook?

Currently, I am offering private dining, cooking and mustard making classes, and you can follow my adventures on my blog.

I will also be preparing and serving lunch for the Disc On! Ladies League Double 9’r on November 7th, 2015 at Heritage Trails in Slinger, WI. Stop out and visit with me there, or find a partner and sign up.

If your little hearts desire you can keep up with my news and activities on various social media sites:


The beginning of Ladies First

Opening my own business has always been a dream of mine, and I have considered myself an entrepreneur my whole life, from kool-aid stands in the front yard to re-selling my clothes, I have always been trying to help others purchase the goods they needed. Maybe that is why in my adolescent and early adult life I had no clue what I wanted to do because what I wanted to do took me learning who I was and finding a hobby that encompasses my life. Now that I have found that hobby and know myself a little better it all makes sense and that is how, when, and why Ladies First Disc Golf was born.

This past Spring some changes at my work caused me to lose my company-provided health insurance and the future was uncertain, but at least I had a job. I was actively looking for employment but nothing was appealing to me, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my freedom and happiness for maybe more money and benefits, but less time and joy. I decided to take a different path than the safe and secure corporate world and decided I was going to start my own business. I still work at my current employer because I like what I do, but Ladies First is hopefully something I can do full-time in the future.

I am full of ideas, they just come to me when I started thinking about the fact that there was not a one-stop shop for the female disc golfer to get discs, apparel, and accessories I realized there needed to be, because disc golf is growing, and female participation is also growing. That is where Ladies First came to be not just an idea, but now something that was really going to happen and did! If you know me or have met me, you know that I like helping people, I just can’t help myself but help, which makes all the things Ladies First will do and accomplish great, we are helping ladies and gentlemen find the discs and disc golf apparel they need.

For now, I just wanted to thank you for visiting the website and blog, and give a little background on how Ladies First Disc Golf came to be. Our inventory will be growing over time, so if you are looking for something and we don’t have it, please drop us a line [email protected]