Blog Series: The Comforts of Being Uncomfortable-You’re Welcome. Or am I? The feeling of not fitting in.

You’re Welcome. Or am I? The feeling of not fitting in.

This is the first in a series to help women step out of their comfort zone when it comes to disc golf. What better place to start than the initial introduction to the disc golf world?  Beyond just you, your local course and some discs, there is a whole community of disc golfers, some may even call these people disc golf family. When you are new to leagues, tournaments and the greater disc golf scene it is easy (especially if you are an introvert like myself) to question if you are welcome in this whole new world (cue the Aladdin music).

AND if you are questioning if you fit in or are welcome, stop. Because the disc golf family is one of the most inclusive groups of people out there. So yes, you are welcome and you will eventually find your tribe if you haven’t already.

Still unsure if you will fit in or still unsure if you are welcome into this world of flying discs? I understand your concerns and worry; I have been there too.

I have been playing disc golf events since 2009 and I still on occasion feel unsure about fitting in, could be my tendency to overthink things.

Every time I let these thoughts creep into my head, I am reminded of where I started and where this amazing community of disc golfers has brought me, and quickly quiet those concerns.

A little history on the early days when I really questioned if I was welcome. The Western Lakes Open on March 15, 2009 hosted by Terry Miller aka The Disc Golf Guy was my first PDGA event. My boyfriend Jason (now husband) was signing up and after talking to Terry, who we didn’t know at the time, convinced Jason to encourage me to sign up. We did. We signed up.

We didn’t have a clue about organized disc golf at this time, and I had only been playing for about 10 months. We had no mini markers, and had to purchase them at the tournament. We certainly did not have  disc golf bags. We came equipped with 6-8 discs each comfortably held in our fanny packs. We had no clue what to expect, and when we got to the event we were in for a bit of a culture shock. These people had bags that were strapped to their back holding discs, calisthenics were going on, and I got advice from “disc dog” on throwing forehand. People were friendly, but it was all so new it wasn’t an instant new family embrace—not to say we weren’t wanting more at the end of the day, but I was still unsure if I belonged.

Jason’s love for competition had him eager to play another event.  A few weeks after our first tournament we signed up for a tournament called “Parkside of the Moon” at the University of Wisconsin- Parkside. We had not played this course before, but we did upgrade from our fanny packs to Innova Sport bags. I was nervous and excited for this event because unlike the Western Lakes Open there were a total of 4 other women signed up. Until this point the only other woman I played disc golf with was at the Western Lakes Open. One of the women on the tournament registration was Barrett White, I knew a little about her, that she was kind of a big deal, and that she could throw!

Again, being a bit on the shy side I was nervous to meet this new group of women, I still didn’t know much about organized disc golf. After a few holes into the tournament Barrett asked me, “What discs do you have in your bag?” I will admit when she asked me, because I had only been playing for 10 months and didn’t really know a lot about my discs I was a bit embarrassed and apprehensive to divulge the details.  One of the discs (and I still have it) was the Quest Technologies T-bone, I knew it wasn’t a super popular disc.  With the dimple technology the t-bone has I thought people may think I am a weirdo for throwing this disc. I didn’t know Barrett at the time, and that she is one of the nicest people I know with an inquisitive mind, who loves discs, and that is why she was inquiring.

Later in the round on hole 10 the wind was howling. I took an 8 on that hole. The other 4 ladies carded scores much closer to par. I again felt embarrassed and that I didn’t fit in. As I said my score one of the ladies in the group Carla, had made a comment that they have all been there before and started recalling high scores earned at previous events. This sharing of a similar experience made me feel not so bad about my snowman.

Towards the end of the round on hole 16, there is a building the left of the tee pad, yet pretty far out of the way.  I managed to throw my drive off the tee into a window on the building, all we heard was a loud thud, luckily the glass wasn’t broken. Embarrassing again, but if I recall correctly we all got a good chuckle from this errant throw.

At the end of the event, I know I didn’t place to win any funny money. However, Barrett did come up to me and give me a 165 Elite X Comet, I was stunned by her generosity. On the way home from the event, I had mixed feelings, I felt uncomfortable for most of the day, but at the same time I had this yearning to play again, and meet more disc golf friends.

The next event we played was our local tournament called the Greater Milwaukee Open. I didn’t know any of the 3 ladies playing in this event, and didn’t hit any buildings off the tee, but still came in last place.  After the 2009 GMO I didn’t play any tournaments that summer or early fall, due to work and needing to take a bit of a competition break. I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable and wasn’t confident in my skills.

A local event came up in late November called the Cold Turkey, we decided to sign up. I was feeling refreshed and yearning for more competition after a 6 month break. It was the first event I ever won, and I could tell my skills had improved since earlier in Spring. At this point I could say I had fully caught the disc golf addiction and was ready for the 2010 season. I was starting to feel a lot more welcome and comfortable in with the disc golf community, after a season and a few events to scope out the scene.

2010 brought many more events, and a decent amount of women playing in these events. The feeling of not fitting in, was going away. One of the ladies, Carla, from the Parkside of the Moon event had become my friend on Facebook, and Carla being kind, caring and cool as a cucumber with a similar interest in plants we started chatting more. Over time, we started to get to know each other better, and as of 2018 I consider Carla to be a true disc golf sister to me. In 2009 I was shy, nervous and unsure if I would ever be like the disc golf gals that I met at Parkside of the Moon. Reflecting back over the last 9 years I can certainly say I have learned a lot from them.

First casual round of many with Carla, Katrina, Sergio and Jason

Carla and I, as mentioned, over time got to know each other and have worked on growing disc golf in Wisconsin for women for years now.

Carla and Jenny working on women’s disc golf

That wasn’t the only woman at the Parkside of the Moon who I looked up to. Barrett White, being a disc golf icon, had me in awe. For the first couple of years I was too nervous and shy to say hi to her if I saw her at my local course or event. My husband Jason being the outgoing fellow he is, would say hi to her, but I would hope that I would go unnoticed. This all changed in 2011 when I was playing an event that Barrett was also at. First round we played together, and my nerves must have created laser focus, cause I was playing on a higher level than normal.  In between rounds there was a close race for 1st place with me and another gal. Barrett came up to me and gave me a fist bump and some words of encouragement—I was shaking with excitement, it was the confidence boost I needed to win the event. With words from a hero of mine, I was really starting to know I was welcome with the disc golf family.


Leave It To Beaver Group Round 1 2011 Barrett, Alana, Me and Jen Thatcher

Flash forward to 2018 Barrett is still a hero of mine, but also one of my closest disc golf friends, and we have enjoyed many many rounds of disc golf together.


Last reflection before I wrap it up. I mentioned the 2009 GMO and coming in last place and meeting some disc golf ladies. Well the woman who won the 2009 GMO Jennifer Thatcher, has also become one of my closest disc golf friends. For our first 2 or 3 years of disc golf competition we were battling back and forth in the Intermediate Women’s’ Division, one could even say we were rivals. However,our competitive beginnings have brought forth a wonderful friendship of support and disc golf.

Jenny and Jennifer enjoying golf and life!

If I would have stopped playing competitive disc golf, due to feeling silly, wearing a fanny pack, throwing my driver into a building, or coming in last place over and over I wouldn’t have the friends I do today. So many things for women’s disc golf wouldn’t have happened if I chose to not persevere through the feelings of discomfort. If you are thinking of playing in  your first disc golf event or have played a few but didn’t think you fit in, or didn’t like the feelings of discomfort that can come from starting something new, competition or not fitting….I suggest you embrace the comforts of being uncomfortable and sign up for your first disc golf tournament this year. Who knows where it will take you, maybe you’ll meet a life long friend, or discover you have more skills than you thought you did.

P.S. A wonderful event for your first disc golf tournament is the PDGA Women’s Global Event. You will be competing against women from the whole world of similar skill level to you. Click here to find an event in your area:


February 2017 Lady of the Month: Kristy Moore

When was the first time you picked up a disc, and who were you with?

I first played the sport in 2003. A group of friends were making a trip from our hometown, Columbus, Ohio to Clearwater, Florida specifically to play disc golf. At the time I had never even heard of disc golf, but I decided to tag along anyway. When we arrived the first stop was at the Clearwater Disc Golf Store, where I purchased my first discs, a 162g Champion Leopard (the pearly stuff, old school), a protostar (wasn’t called that back then) DX Cheetah, a DX Eagle, a DX Spider, and a 11x Champion (CE) Aviar. The rest as they say is history, I’ve been playing ever since.

Sidenote: I really wish my dog didn’t chew up that Aviar

Do you prefer wooded technical courses, open long distance courses, or something in between?

Depends on the day, haha. No, but I prefer wooded, technical courses. I feel like they even the playing field for more players to compete.

What is your most memorable competitive disc golf round or moment?

It would have to either be the 4th round of the 2016 Amateur World Championships, or the final round of the 2016 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green. They were two of my highest rated rounds ever recorded at 945 and 939. For both of these rounds I felt everything finally coming together all at the same time. Those rounds are few and far between but you always remember them when they happen.

Photo credit: Tony Brunner

Do you think there will be a day when there is a tour for women’s disc golf tournaments that has enough stops on it with big enough payouts that touring can be a viable profession for women?

Absolutely. With more and more female-only events on schedule each year it’s only a matter of time. I feel like we, as women, need to make getting a women’s only tour a priority. We cannot continue to pay the same entry fees and spend just as much on travel as our male counterparts and only get paid, sometimes as low as, a third of the money/plastic as they do. Eventually it just doesn’t make sense financially and women will either return to playing locally, or even just casually, or worse give up the sport altogether. I certainly hope to see a tour for women only in the very near future and hope to be a part of it all.

Kristy at Disc Girls Gone Wild 2014. Disc Girls Gone Wild is one of the longest running women’s only tournaments, and a critical event in building women’s disc golf.

Forehand or Backhand?

Why not both?

If you had to provide 3 tips for someone who has been playing disc golf less than a year what would they be?

  1. Find someone that is better than you and play with them as often as you can.
  2. Shoot for par. If you shoot for par, the birdies won’t be far behind.
  3. Have fun. The one thing that I have always told Miquiath (#76557), most folks that know me from tournaments know him, is that not everyone remembers who wins every tournament, but they do remember the great people that they want to play with again, and the people that they do not. Always try to be that person that people want to be on a card with.

Following tip #3 having fun with friends!

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Staghorn Octoberfest by New Glarus Brewing from the great state of Wisconsin, wouldn’t mind if a six pack made its way down to Ohio sometime this summer, wink wink.

We’ll deliver some Staghorn if we can Kristy!

Top 3 courses you have played?

Coyote Point DGC @ Lake Casitas, Ventura, CA:

Coyote Point photo courtesy DG Course Review

Idlewild DGC, Burlington, KY:

    Idlewild photo courtesy DG Course Review

Legacy Trails DGC, Eagle Springs, NC

Legacy Trails photo courtesy of DG Course Review

Have you figured out how to get a hologram of yourself yet so you can attend all the disc golf tournaments you want?

No, but I have a team of scientists working around the clock.

Kristy’s team of scientists;)

You finished 2nd at the 2016 Amatuer Worlds in Madison, WI in the FA1 division, your 4th round you shot an impressive super hot 945 rated round, did you know your round was super hot when it was happening?

I knew it was good, it felt great, but I had no idea I was about to shoot the highest rated round of my career. As I said above it was definitely one of the most memorable rounds I’ve played to date and gave me a glance at what I know I can accomplish in the future.

BONUS: Watch Kristy in action at the final 9 of the 2016 Amateur World Championships:







Lady of the Month July 2016: Sara Nicholson Disc Golf Promoter Extraordinaire, Nature, Music and Animal Lover!

Did you learn to play disc golf in a National Park? Tell us more…

I played my very first round of disc golf with my brother in Easley, South Carolina. He bought me

my first discs, an Innova Aviar, and JK Valkyrie. I honestly don’t remember enjoying that first

round I played with my brother and his friends. They were throwing further and better than me

and being the competitive person that I am it was incredibly frustrating. I am, however, forever

grateful to my brother for those first discs that changed my life. I use that first frustrating

experience now to encourage new players to stick with it, letting them know that we’ve all been


Photo credit: PDGA Media

After that first round in South Carolina, it wasn’t until I started working in Yellowstone National

Park and playing with the other employees on the Mammoth, Canyon, and Old Faithful courses

that I got hooked on the game. At first, it started just as a way to get away from the guests in the

evenings, have a couple of beers, and relax. Then it became a healthy obsession, playing disc

golf is all I wanted to do. I joined the PDGA from Yellowstone National Park in August of 2007

and still remember the excitement of receiving my first disc golf magazine and membership

package. I traded my member disc for a water pump, but such is life living in a national park.

You are a co-founder of Throw Pink, can you give us the basics of the Throw Pink

program? Who can run one, how and why should everyone run a Throw Pink event?

I founded Throw Pink in 2013 after running my 3rd Magnolia Open event in Appling, GA. At The

Magnolia Open each year we pick a charity and raise money for it during the event. This

tradition started with Karolyn O’Cull and Addie Strozier, who started The Magnolia Open in

2009. I took it over in 2011 and ran it for five years before moving to Washington.

Photo credit: Kimberly Pruden

Photo credit: Kimberly Pruden

My first tournament running experience was with the Columbia Disc Golf Club in South Carolina. I

helped create and run Throwing for Tomorrow, a charity event that helped the Dickerson

Children’s Advocacy Center. I went to the University of South Carolina and majored in

Psychology with the dream and hope to make a difference in this world. When I got out of

school, I worked at a battered women’s shelter before joining Americorps. Throw Pink is a way

for me to combine my passion for giving back and making a difference with my love of disc golf.

Photo credit: Mom Wallis

Throw Pink is a non-profit with the mission of encouraging women and girls to get out and be

more physically active through the game of disc golf. The program was established to make a

difference to women’s health related charities by raising money through fun disc golf initiatives.

Anyone can run a Throw Pink event. It is fun, easy, and your community will thank you for it. If

anyone would like more information, please email me at

Imagine this: You are playing a 3 round tournament, you can have a song played on

your first hole of each round, what 3 songs would you choose?

These music questions are the hardest ones in this interview. Picking a song is like picking my

favorite cat, impossible. In the interest of not prolonging my answers any longer, I’m going to

sidestep this question entirely without picking three. I will say that during the 2012 USWDGC,

the year I won Advanced Women’s, the Brandi Carlile album, Bear Creek, had just been

released, and I listened to it throughout the competition. I don’t listen to music anymore when I

play, but now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t won anything since I stopped listening to music.

I just discovered something about my game here. Thank you, Ladies First Disc Golf!

Fill in the blank with one word– disc golf is _______ ?

Disc Golf is Life
They asked me why I play (2)

What is your favorite Grateful Dead song? 

I love the Grateful Dead. I always have thought I was born in the wrong generation. I’ve been

listening to The Beatles, Dead, Joplin, Hendrix, Dylan, etc…since my early teens. I can’t pick a

favorite. I just can’t do it. I will say these days I’m more into the ballads, Stella Blue, Must Have

Been the Roses, Ship of Fools, He’s Gone, Attics of my life

I honestly love every Grateful Dead song, so it’s impossible to pick.

Franklin’s Tower, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Dire Wolf, Monkey and the Engineer, and China Cat Sunflower are in my top 10 for sure


In my early 20s I would have listed the Dark Star > Drums> Not Fade Away > Going down the Road >Drums blah, blah, blah…

but I just can’t take a 45-minute jam session these days, I’m over it. Maybe it is music A.D.D. either

way, finish the song already. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of snubbed noses from Deadheads for that last

statement, but I don’t care. I bet I have more books, live show cassette tapes (yeah I just dated

myself), and CD’s than a lot of those people who are snubbing their noses at me:)

 Your career has provided opportunities to travel to many of the states for events. What

states will you be traveling to in 2016 for disc golf?

I will not be traveling as much this year as I have in the past, but I will be playing my favorite

event, USWDGC in Maine and The Chick Flick in North Plains, OR. The Chick Flick has been

on my disc golf bucket list since it started and this year will be my first year I can make it. The

USWDGC will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first big event in 2008 that

helped start my love for competitions.

You played a large part in making the Women’s Global Event in 2016 a successful

event for women all around the world. 2016 saw it’s participation numbers rise to new levels

with 1400+ ladies competing, what number would you expect to see for the 2018

Women’s Global Event?

I expect to see the Women’s Global Event growing steadily every year in participation numbers.

The WGE is groundbreaking in its approach to increasing women’s involvement in disc golf. I

played in Chuck Kennedy’s event, the first Global ratings event in 2011 before we started the

WGE and what inspired the creation of the WGE. I remember that first feeling of how cool it was

to see my score on a long list of women from other states and countries.


 If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Ha! Tough question. I love beer and like trying new beer so I would hate to limit myself to one.

The obvious choice is Bevel Craft Brewing started by two Disc Golf World Champions, and they

have a good IPA!


What state or country would you like to travel to most, that you have not yet visited?

Australia, Ireland, and Scotland have always been at the top of my must visit places, as far as

disc golf courses go, I would love to play:

Järva Disc Golf Park in Stockholm, Sweden

Oak Grove Park in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California,

Ashe County Park in Jefferson, NC

Blue Ribbon Pines in Minneapolis, MN

Maple Hill in Leicester, MA.

 You are a PDGA consultant, member of the PDGA women’s committee and former

PDGA membership manager, therefore you have been highly involved with all things

PDGA for quite sometime. In your opinion why should a person become a PDGA

member or renew their PDGA membership?

Photo credit: Leah Taylor

Photo credit: Leah Taylor

This one has always been a tough one for me even during my five years as the PDGA

Memberships Manager. I believe in supporting what you love. I joined the PDGA before I even

knew about tournaments, $10 discounts, and player ratings. For me, it was about being part of

an organization that was supporting the growth of the game. I have a JFK “ask not what your

country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” mentality. Those passionate

words paired with good parenting and growing up in the church where giving back was instilled

in me, makes supporting what you love a clear choice. I started freestyling (I’m terrible) a few

years ago and immediately joined the FPA, started playing Ultimate I’m joining USA Ultimate. It

just makes sense to me.

Photo credit: Scott Walker

With that said, to break it down for the “what’s in it for me” crowd. The PDGA is the governing

body and as their numbers grow the recognition of disc golf as a legitimate sport will increase.

The PDGA does more than just enforcing rules and sanctioning events. The organization has

been incredibly supportive of the growth of the women’s game through the Women’s Global

Event, PDGA Women’s Committee, Innovation Grant Program, and October’s breast cancer

initiative, to name a few. As Dan “Stork” Roddick PDGA # 3 recently said for an article on the

PDGA website, “All we can do is continue the push to introduce this amazing sport to more and

more people. And we will. We ALWAYS will.” As a member of the organization, you are part of

the driving force behind disc golf growth. I look forward to the day that I meet PDGA number

1,999,999, and I get to think how low my PDGA number is at 33589. If you don’t like the

organization, and you don’t agree with their approach to the game, I say that’s, even more of a

reason to join. If you don’t like it, do something about it. Become a member so you can vote in

elections, run for the Board of Directors and make the change you want to see in the


Photo credit: Dean Adams
















Lady of the Month November: Val Doss World Champion Disc Golfer and Super Human


Your parents introduced you to disc golf, at what age did you begin playing? How many total years have you played competitively?

My parents started playing in the mid-80s, and so I grew up in the sport. My parents loved the sport and loved traveling to play. My brother Avery was about 8 when they started playing, so he got into it right away. My parents also got really involved with our local course and eventually became the local caretakers, so this meant I also spent a lot of time at the course as a kid.        I played a little when I was young but I wasn’t hooked on it. I always said, that it was something my parents did, so I didn’t think it was cool at the time. Jenkins Family Disc Golf

I started playing tournaments when I was 15 and won my first event I played in. I made it to my first Am Worlds in Nashville that same year. I played Juniors 15 and under, and won. From that year on I’ve been playing competitively


You are a member of the Innova Women’s team.  If Innova said that you could only play with 3 discs from now until eternity, which 3 would you choose?

A Teebird, an Aviar, and a Pulsar- that’s their ultimate disc… that would be sad if I couldn’t ever throw a Frisbee again

Often players get nervous before a tournament starts, and sometime it holds them back from playing. Do you get nervous before an event starts? Any tips on shaking the nerves?

I don’t get nervous anymore, but I definitely still get anxious right before my first tee shot of an important round. They’re two different things right? I think it’s good to have the butterflies because that means you’re doing something worth it. valfocus The best thing to do to cope is focus on your routine and go through the motions that you practiced to get to that point. Usually after that first throw, or that first hole, I feel like I’m on track and calm down a bit

Lots of disc golf ladies (and guys) look up to you, as you are a kind, friendly and a very talented disc golfer, who do you look up to?

Awww, Thanks 🙂 My mom has been my biggest female role model. ValandSharon

I can’t hide how much I am like her in so many ways; She’s passionate, compassionate, creative, stubborn, and full of life.



Her and my dad have been so supportive of me no matter what path I’ve chosen in life. They’re amazing people, if I do say so myself.

  If you could have a tee off song, for your first hole of a tournament what song would you choose?

We actually get to choose our tee-off song during the Glass Blown Open, and it was hilarious hearing everyone’s choices. At first, I had picked a song I liked at the moment I filled out my registration; which was “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift. So, you tee off in less than 30 seconds and so I teed off with her singing “I got nothing in my brain, that’s what people say!” So in the final round, they asked my song and I left it up to them to choose. I stepped up to the tee and they cued up Eye of the Tiger.  I had my best round of the tournament after that, such a solid song to keep you going!

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would you choose?

Any beer brewed by Nate Doss! 🙂 I love IPAs, it’s gotta be hoppy in all aspects, aroma, flavor, and aftertaste. Nate and I are planning to open our own brewery, and of course, it will be disc golf themed. We hope whatever we brew will be the official beer of disc golf and we can give back to the sport that made us who we are.


  In early 2015 you did a series on yoga stretches for disc golf, any thoughts on doing a yoga for disc golf video? Do you practice yoga while on the road?

There’s a reason I did it all in pictures, I’m no yoga instructor. I did it because it’s been such a great routine to add to my life and helped all my trouble areas from disc golf; back, hips, shoulders.

I try to keep up with it everyday but I always stretch the mornings of tournament rounds. I carry my older yoga mat with me, and it’s come in so handy! I’m able to pull it out and stretch anywhere not worrying about the itchy grass or dirty cement, I’m laying on.

Sweet or savory? What is your weakness when it comes to treats?

Savory. I love cooking. I love the cooking shows. I love making up recipes. I love eating at awesome restaurants along our travels and I’ll try anything

Difficult weather conditions are part of the game if you had to choose, would you rather play in a rain but somewhat warm conditions, or wind but very cold?

Bring on the rain! I think it was last year that felt cursed because in all large tournaments it rained, and I mean poured! If you play tournaments, I highly recommended investing in a solid rain jacket and pants. It’s an investment that is so worth it when you need it.


We know that milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, how can disc golf bring all the girls to the park?

Haha! Now I’ve got that song in my head..

While there are still relatively small numbers of women competing, there were a lot less when I started. Its great to see more women out there playing, especially in women’s leagues and women’s tournaments. These women-only disc golf events are the perfect tool to get more ladies playing because they’re run by women who want more ladies to play! Once they new players have fun playing and relationships are made, that’s what keeps them coming back.

I run and that was my hope to connect ladies from around the world who find themselves the only ones at the course. We want to be that encouraging place to go to ask questions, voice their concerns, and learn from other ladies in the sport.

I am also the Chair of the PDGA Women’s Committee who are “dedicated to attract encourage and retain female participation in organized disc golf events”. Our biggest accomplishment was spearheaded the women’s disc golf movement by creating the Women’s Global Event in 2012. This is a blanketed tournament consisting of women’s events run around the world on one day. This is a great chance for local areas to run their first women’s event to be a part of something bigger, and a great first tournament for ladies to play in. Keep an eye out for the official date announcement for the 2016 Women’s Global Event on or on our Facebook Page @PDGAwomen.

First Lady Erin Oakley of Ladies First Disc Golf

When we started Ladies First Disc Golf we decided that the first lady to place an order through our website would become the First Lady of Ladies First, we didn’t tell anyone of our plans. Well, not only were we lucky but we were also honored that Erin Oakley a great ambassador for women’s disc golf decided to be our first customer. We want to share the good work that many disc golfers do out of there own love for the game and we want to share this with you by interviewing them with 10 various questions. We are going to start with Erin, as she is our First Lady, we will choose a different lady each month of the year, but for now let’s get to know EO!

1.) As First Lady what will your primary objective be in relation to ladies disc golf?

My ultimate goal is really to share my love and passion for the sport with others.  I have run a ladies disc golf league (Trip C’s in Lansing, MI) for 10 years now and have met some amazing women because of it.  It is not only a round of disc golf, but an out for these women to have a night with other women and play disc golf in a casual or competitive way.  Working with the PDGA Women’s Committee for a few years and running my league, has made me grow in a way I could never have imagined as a person and a player. I take huge pride in both.


Being a fantastic event host

2.) How long have you been preparing for this role?

I am just finishing up my 16th season of disc golf, minus about a year and half off after each kid;)


Erin with her daughters

3.) What compelled you to become the First Lady of Ladies First Disc Golf?

haha, I had no idea of the title.  I thought I would buy some minis to give out at my women’s league and at the same time, help a friend out because the company idea is so great and supportive of helping the sport grow.

4.) As First Lady do you have any thoughts on getting kids out to the courses?  

Because I have 2 of mine, just don’t force it.  My almost 12 year old will play women’s league once in a while, but it’s only to get time away from her little sister I am sure:)  So I don’t force it on her, maybe some day she’ll like it again.  Having their friends tag along helps get them out. Make it fun and non competitive.


Erin helping at a clinic to get more people playing in the parks

5.) Are there any tools you like to use on the course to improve your game? If so, what are they specifically?

I would have to say my favorite all around disc is my Diamond Light. I like taking chances and that is why I love to throw it. It will hold almost any line I want it to if I throw it correctly;)

6.) If you could choose a song to be played when you are teeing off, what song would that be?

Moment of Truth by Survivor

7.) What is a long term dream you have as First Lady?

I fell in love with all aspects of the sport when I started in 2000.  My very long term goal is to someday open a Women’s History of Disc Golf museum of some sort. Some day….:)

8.) Many First Ladies are known for their style, as First Lady what is your preferred wardrobe on the course?

I tend to go with what is comfortable, mainly shorts and a dri-fit.  But in fall I love pants and long sleeves.


Erin crushing a drive!

9.) If you could make an official animal for disc golf what would it be?

How about that Rainbow, Kitty, Unicorn animal. We can call it a Rakicorn.

10.) Lastly a very important question if you could choose an official beer of disc golf chosen by the First Lady, which would you pick?

Oberon!  (what an awesome question;))