April 2018 Lady of the Month: Pixie Cannon

When did you first start playing disc golf? Did anyone help you get into the sport?

My first round of Disc Golf was in May of 2012. A co-worker and I were hanging out, talking about the empty feeling I had from high school sports and competition coming to an end. Disc Golf was recommended and I was hooked after my first round! 

Forehand, backhand or both?

I use both forehand and backhand. I choose between the two by the angles of the fairway, and the variables I’m presented with. I was told by fellow Team Discraft member, Neal Dambra PDGA#200, that to truly go far in this sport you need both. Since that day a few years ago I have made it a big point to practice both equally. It really helps out to have both throws, strong staples in my bag.


What is your favorite disc for crushing drives?

I have 2 favorite discs that I use for distance. For straight to anhyzer shots I use a Z Heat, 175 gm. I can trust it to do its job down long tunnels, and straight shots. The Z Heat is the most used disc in my bag, besides my putters.

Photo Courtesy Discraft


For distance shots that finish hyzering, I go for an ESP Force, 172gm. I like to pull this disc over and let it fly its full flight pattern. This disc saves me so many strokes out there during tournament rounds. 

Photo Courtesy Discraft

What is your favorite thing about being on the road traveling to play disc golf?

My first practice round at a new course. I have a deep appreciation for good course design, and view the way we twist and twine through the trees and hills as art. I’m so glad we get the opportunity to play on such prestigious courses. I love it when nature takes my breathe away. 


What is your best tip for playing disc golf in the wind?

Trust your shot. I could tell you the normal physics of wind and the way the disc will lift or fall depending on the direction it’s blowing, but honestly when it comes down to it, trusting your shot is what matters the most. You have to make a choice regardless of the other factors, and you need to trust that choice. If you’re confident in your decision, it will not turn out as bad as when you aren’t sure and soft arm it.

Photo Courtesy Discraft

Fill in the blank….Disc golf is ________. 


What disc golf destination is at the top of your list that you haven’t been to yet?

Maple Hill

If you had to choose an official beer of disc golf, what would it be?

Deschutes Brewery’s Chain Breaker White IPA

What do you think your dog’s favorite part about being a disc dog is?

When we get out of the car in a new State. She gets so overjoyed by the new smells and wildlife.


How can people help to support your touring efforts?

We are looking to run doubles events with free clinics throughout our travels this year. If you would like us to come to your area and put on a great show and event email me at [email protected] Also keep an eye out for out next Tour Fundraiser Disc, Inspired by Pinky and the Brain<3 The art has been commissioned for development and we are so thrilled to see the final product!