First Lady Erin Oakley of Ladies First Disc Golf

When we started Ladies First Disc Golf we decided that the first lady to place an order through our website would become the First Lady of Ladies First, we didn’t tell anyone of our plans. Well, not only were we lucky but we were also honored that Erin Oakley a great ambassador for women’s disc golf decided to be our first customer. We want to share the good work that many disc golfers do out of there own love for the game and we want to share this with you by interviewing them with 10 various questions. We are going to start with Erin, as she is our First Lady, we will choose a different lady each month of the year, but for now let’s get to know EO!

1.) As First Lady what will your primary objective be in relation to ladies disc golf?

My ultimate goal is really to share my love and passion for the sport with others.  I have run a ladies disc golf league (Trip C’s in Lansing, MI) for 10 years now and have met some amazing women because of it.  It is not only a round of disc golf, but an out for these women to have a night with other women and play disc golf in a casual or competitive way.  Working with the PDGA Women’s Committee for a few years and running my league, has made me grow in a way I could never have imagined as a person and a player. I take huge pride in both.


Being a fantastic event host

2.) How long have you been preparing for this role?

I am just finishing up my 16th season of disc golf, minus about a year and half off after each kid;)


Erin with her daughters

3.) What compelled you to become the First Lady of Ladies First Disc Golf?

haha, I had no idea of the title.  I thought I would buy some minis to give out at my women’s league and at the same time, help a friend out because the company idea is so great and supportive of helping the sport grow.

4.) As First Lady do you have any thoughts on getting kids out to the courses?  

Because I have 2 of mine, just don’t force it.  My almost 12 year old will play women’s league once in a while, but it’s only to get time away from her little sister I am sure:)  So I don’t force it on her, maybe some day she’ll like it again.  Having their friends tag along helps get them out. Make it fun and non competitive.


Erin helping at a clinic to get more people playing in the parks

5.) Are there any tools you like to use on the course to improve your game? If so, what are they specifically?

I would have to say my favorite all around disc is my Diamond Light. I like taking chances and that is why I love to throw it. It will hold almost any line I want it to if I throw it correctly;)

6.) If you could choose a song to be played when you are teeing off, what song would that be?

Moment of Truth by Survivor

7.) What is a long term dream you have as First Lady?

I fell in love with all aspects of the sport when I started in 2000.  My very long term goal is to someday open a Women’s History of Disc Golf museum of some sort. Some day….:)

8.) Many First Ladies are known for their style, as First Lady what is your preferred wardrobe on the course?

I tend to go with what is comfortable, mainly shorts and a dri-fit.  But in fall I love pants and long sleeves.


Erin crushing a drive!

9.) If you could make an official animal for disc golf what would it be?

How about that Rainbow, Kitty, Unicorn animal. We can call it a Rakicorn.

10.) Lastly a very important question if you could choose an official beer of disc golf chosen by the First Lady, which would you pick?

Oberon!  (what an awesome question;))

Boys just wanna have fun!

Ultimate Frisbee and Disc golf greats Brodie Smith, Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte show us how to have fun with our favorite toy the disc golf disc or for some of you the Frisbee. This video brought a smile to my face, I especially liked the “wall ride” trick shot off the fence into the basket–BOOM!! What was your favorite shot?

Now it is time for some of us females to start working on our trick shots and battle these masters; take notes ladies!

The beginning of Ladies First

Opening my own business has always been a dream of mine, and I have considered myself an entrepreneur my whole life, from kool-aid stands in the front yard to re-selling my clothes, I have always been trying to help others purchase the goods they needed. Maybe that is why in my adolescent and early adult life I had no clue what I wanted to do because what I wanted to do took me learning who I was and finding a hobby that encompasses my life. Now that I have found that hobby and know myself a little better it all makes sense and that is how, when, and why Ladies First Disc Golf was born.

This past Spring some changes at my work caused me to lose my company-provided health insurance and the future was uncertain, but at least I had a job. I was actively looking for employment but nothing was appealing to me, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my freedom and happiness for maybe more money and benefits, but less time and joy. I decided to take a different path than the safe and secure corporate world and decided I was going to start my own business. I still work at my current employer because I like what I do, but Ladies First is hopefully something I can do full-time in the future.

I am full of ideas, they just come to me when I started thinking about the fact that there was not a one-stop shop for the female disc golfer to get discs, apparel, and accessories I realized there needed to be, because disc golf is growing, and female participation is also growing. That is where Ladies First came to be not just an idea, but now something that was really going to happen and did! If you know me or have met me, you know that I like helping people, I just can’t help myself but help, which makes all the things Ladies First will do and accomplish great, we are helping ladies and gentlemen find the discs and disc golf apparel they need.

For now, I just wanted to thank you for visiting the website and blog, and give a little background on how Ladies First Disc Golf came to be. Our inventory will be growing over time, so if you are looking for something and we don’t have it, please drop us a line [email protected]