November 2019 Lady of the Month: Erikah Weir 

Erika Weir PDGA #68633 is a newly turned professional disc golfer. In July of 2019, Erikah competed and won Amateur Worlds in the Advanced Women division. Erikah lives in Denver, CO and is a member of the Innova Disc Golf Ambassador Team. She joined the PDGA in 2014 and has worked her way up through the amateur rankings. 2020 will be Erikah’s first year competing in the professional division in all events.

When were you introduced to disc golf? Who introduced you to disc golf?

I was an Ultimate Frisbee player for 7 years before finding disc golf. Unfortunately, my body was breaking down after running all of the miles from Ultimate and playing lacrosse in college. But, my good friend Jen Underwood was kind enough to introduce me to disc golf in 2013 as a way to keep throwing and enjoy a beer or two on the course. Soon, it became an addiction for me and Jen has never forgiven herself 🙂

For drives do you primarily throw backhand, forehand or a combination of both?


I throw a combination of both. For any tunnels or tight fairways, I generally throw forehand. For power shots that have little danger (OB or bunkers), I generally throw backhand.

What is your philosophy on putting?

My putting has always been a work in progress. Currently, I do my best to get my drives and upshots to land as close to the basket as possible so putting tends to be less stressful. But, for the offseason, I hope to increase my “comfort range” inside the circle. From the few Professional tournaments I have played this year, I think that’s the biggest difference I have seen from moving up from the Amateur ranks. We have a few putting leagues in Colorado that I hope to attend and I will work with Perfect Putt 360 on my own to track my progress.

Photo credit: PDGA Flickr

Do you have any relation to Bob (Weir)?

Depends on which Bob Weir you are referring to 🙂 I have an Uncle Bob Weir but he is not the guitarist from the Grateful Dead.

Do you attend a women’s disc golf league? If so, what is your favorite part about participating in a women’s disc golf league?

In Boulder, we have a weekly women’s tag match run by the fabulous Ali Dorato. She has had great success with getting about 5-10 women each week for a round of 18; during the high season, even more! My favorite part is getting to know the women that keep coming back and watching various parts of their game improve. Whether it’s using a new disc, adding distance to drives or sinking a long putt, the energy is fantastic!

If you could only play disc golf with 3 discs, which 3 discs would you choose?

Driver: older Pro Thunderbird, Mid: Star Aviar X3 (my FAVORITE disc!) and Putter: XT Whale.

You traveled a bit in 2019 for various disc golf events. What state that you traveled to in 2019 did you enjoy the most? Any favorite courses you can’t wait to get back to?

So far, in 2019, we have been to Nevada, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Arizona. I am originally from Pennsylvania, so it was great to get back to my home state and see some East Coast courses. I think that Iron Hill DGC in Delaware was the hardest course I played all year and I would like to get another crack at it in 2020!

Are there any disc golf courses you haven’t played yet that you dream of playing?

Absolutely! The majority of my disc golf career has been based in Colorado so there are MANY courses out there I want to play! Like anyone, Smuggler’s Notch, Maple Hill and Milo McIver are all on my list. I just got to play Fountain Hills in Phoenix, AZ and standing on the first MPO teepad was so much more intimidating that I had expected it to be!

If you could have an official beverage of disc golf what would it be?

I love the Tropical Punch flavor of Body Armor. I drink a TON of it while I am playing!

You are the 2019 Amateur World Champion in the FA1 division, congratulations!

The competition was fierce and talented women disc golfers are a growing force, you are part of that force. Did you have a goal before the competition started? Do you have any advice for women who aspire to be world champion disc golfers on how to achieve their goals?

Thank you so much! Before the competition, my goal was to shoot above my rating and end my Amateur career on the highest note possible. I really wanted to make it to the Final 9 and luckily, I was able to make that happen.

Photo Credit: PDGA Flickr


As far as advice: less discs = less risks! Get to know discs that will work well for your game and keep the selection small. Gaining confidence in your bag will equate to confidence on the tee pad and in the putting circle. Hard work really does work! In addition, I encourage women disc golfers to support one another and celebrate the small victories! Operating from a place of abundance instead of scarcity has been a rule of thumb for me in 2019. At Worlds, it was so inspiring to play with very talented women during each round. We were all vying for one coveted title but the camaraderie on our cards was very positive and encouraging! I was blown away by the talent and can’t wait to see where the Women’s game goes from here!

A note from Erikah

Thank you Jenny for this opportunity! I really love Ladies First Disc Golf and love wearing my apparel out on the course. Definitely want to thank my sponsors Innova Champion Discs and Gatekeeper Media! Innova has provided amazing plastic and wonderful support and Gatekeeper produced my “In the Bag” video this summer. I really look forward to continuing our partnerships in the 2020 season! A big thank you to my Mile High Disc Golf family, in Denver and Boulder, for all of their support as well. Wherever I am playing, I can truly feel the Colorado Love. And, last but certainly not least: one final thank you to Michael Oswald-my caddy for DG and life! You are the best!