April 2017 Lady of the Month: Eleanor Poore

Who introduced you to disc golf and how long have you been playing?

 On September 20, 2013 my friend Tucker and my mom finally convinced me to try disc golf. Tucker was an ultimate Frisbee friend of mine who slowly but surely convinced most of our ultimate pickup group to try disc golf. It was love at first throw, despite my judgments that the sport would be boring 😉

Eleanor & her mom on the course

Backhand or forehand?
Since I came from ultimate Frisbee, I feel pretty equally comfortable with both backhand and forehand.

The New England Team Challenge is a growing event out in your neck of the woods (no pun intended;)) do you participate in the team challenge?  If so what team?  What is your favorite part about the team challenge?

New England Team Challenge is so amazing! I am on the Borderland Billygoats and we actually won our division this year, the C-pool champions of the 2016-2017 season!! My favorite part is definitely the camaraderie and friendship you can build with playing in a team setting, which I hadn’t gotten as much from team sports in the past as I’ve gotten through New England Team Challenge.

If you could have an official tee off song what would it be?

Well for GBO next week, I chose “Float On” by Modest Mouse. It has a good beginning riff and a good message for my mental game.

Every bunny wants to know why bunnies make the best pets?

Hahaha Bunnies make the best pets because they have a lot more personality than most people think. They can be sassy, sweet, energetic, curious etc. Enys is really spunky yet affectionate, will lick my nose and dig at my pant legs at any moment. Penelope is very curious and sweet, has opened up a lot more over the past 2 years and gotten braver. They are inseparable too, which is really sweet to see, but they get overly excited for breakfast every morning.

If you could play with only 3 discs for the rest of your disc golf career what 3 discs would you choose?

This is probably the toughest question. Based on what I throw now and being able to have versatile options, I would pick the Westside BT Soft Swan, Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence, and the Westside Tournament Northman. I’m on team trilogy so of course it’s all Swedish plastic 😉
You were one of our first customers when we launched our website in 2015, thank you. What is your favorite thing you have ordered from Ladies First Disc Golf?
 Another tough question!! The original very soft purple t-shirt is incredibly comfortable and I wear it all the time, so I’d have to pick that.
Would you rather play in 25 degree snowy sunny conditions or 85 degree hot & humid conditions?
I would probably rather play in 85 degrees even if it’s humid, but I’m sure I would say the opposite in late summer 😉

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

I personally enjoy lighter wheat beers so I would choose Alagash White. Easy to drink on hot days and very refreshing!

You have recently started do some cool things with dying discs.  May we see some examples?  If someone wanted a dyed disc by Eleanor do you have them for sale or do custom dyes?  

I post most of my disc dyes on Instagram (@eleanor_discbunny) and tag them all with #DyesByEleanor. Right now, I dye periodically for a local shop, The Hawks Nest, here in Massachusetts but I am always open to commissions. Sometimes people mail me discs they have an I mail them back after dyeing them. So far, it hasn’t gotten big enough to warrant creating my own stock so I usually do custom orders. It’s definitely something that is very fun for me to bring two of my hobbies together, art and disc golf.