July 2017 Lady of the Month: Virginia Hawthorne

How did you first hear about disc golf, when did you start playing?

I first heard about it from a friend’s boyfriend and thought it was absolutely insane and pointless. Then five years ago (this month actually, happy anniversary) I met my dude and he played. I wanted to hang out with him so badly all the time so when he suggested it I thought it was a great idea all of a sudden. It then took me about a year and a half after that to get serious about it. I really used to be bad at it for a long time and still don’t know why I kept playing. Anyway, I played in an Ice Bowl with my future really good friend Cheryln Rawls. She is really good! And I was like well crap! I don’t have to suck because I am a woman. I figured I should step my game up a bit so I wasn’t embarrassed to play against her. I still haven’t beaten her, but have gotten pretty close, as long as she is distracted by pushing her extraordinarily well-behaved daughter in a stroller.

Do you think chickens should be allowed on the disc golf courses?

Of course. They are amazing tick control! There are very few downsides to chickens in any setting, in my opinion.

What are your three favorite things about disc golf?

1. Walking in nature. It is amazing sneaky exercise.

2. Friendships, both on social media and locally.

3. The feeling of improvement. I still feel very far away from my true potential in the sport. (Don’t look at my rating to confirm this fact.)

What are your three favorite courses in Kentucky?

1. Stuart Nelson Disc Golf Course. *The Home Course* one of the harder courses in our area but you always run into a friendly face.

2. Kess Creek in Mayfield. Pretty good for beginners but also has some good wooded technical holes.

3. Central Park DGC in Murray KY. Ok so, my last tournament I played a pretty good round and a horrible round here but I have to shout this one out because they just added 9 holes that reportedly make it even harder. So thanks a lot, guys.

Honorable mention: Fort Massac. Technically in Metropolis, Illinois but right across the mighty Ohio. Won my first tournament there and also is just a beautiful, hard course.

Forehand or Backhand?

Backhand only. I wish I could flick a little to get out of all the abovementioned woods though!

What is your favorite driver, midrange and putter?

Driver: Pink metal flake Roadrunner, but going more toward a Westside Queen as I have started throwing faster.

Midrange: Buzzz or Emac Truth depending on the shot.

Putter: Pink Wizards.

If you could have any female disc golfer as your partner for a doubles tournament who would you choose?

Val! She is my favorite player. She is so good and has done so much for the women of the sport. She seems so nice and cool also. I am a serious Valarie fangirl. I hope she doesn’t read this and think I am weird. Man, the likelihood she is going to read this is really high! Holy crap. Um. Hi Val. Love you. (Was that weird?)


What is one tip you would give to a player who is just starting to play disc golf?

I used to throw behind myself. Keep at it, and even if you are terrible, you are still getting a good walk in the woods.

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Honestly I am probably the world’s least picky beer drinker. Having said that, my favorite disc golf beer is Abita Strawberry lager, perfect for a nice warm summer day at the course.

You recently ran your 3rd Throw Pink Paducah tournament and it was another successful event, congrats! Why should more clubs and tournament directors try to run at least one fundraiser event a year and why should players support these events?

One of the top reasons I love fundraiser events, Throw Pink especially, is that they really help get women involved in disc golf. Throw Pink fundraisers are such a good way to draw out those beginner and casual women players and get them feeling connected to the disc golf community at large. The other big reason to throw fundraiser events on a club level is the dramatic way they impact your community relations. It is the best opportunity you have for getting disc golf publicized in local media. You can build long-term relationships with local businesses. And lastly, fundraisers are a great way to connect your club to your parks department.