August 2018 Lady of the Month: Alexis Mandujano

Alexis Mandujano is a 3 time Amateur World Champion in disc golf, wining 2 junior division titles in 2016 and 2017. Alexis is the current 2018 Advanced Women Amateur World Champion. Her sister Valerie is also a 3 time world champion,  family and disc golf is strong with this young upcoming disc golf lady. Read more about Alexis and her dedication to the sport of disc golf:

Who introduced you to disc golf and how long have you been playing? 

My dad introduced me to disc golf. 

It was something to try out as a family, then we got hooked. I have been playing for 6 years and 5 years competitively.


Your sister Valerie plays disc golf too, and is also a multiple time world champion. Have you always both shared the same interest in disc golf? 

We have the same interest, we have achieved along list of Junior and Amateur titles. Now we have along list of Pro titles yet to achieve.

What are your favorite courses in Texas?

My Favorite course in Texas are:

Universal City

Live Oak

and Circle C.

What do you putt with?

I putt with is Discmania P-line P1 .I love the feel in my hands it has a clean release and feels gummy.

What event of the year do you look forward to the most?

So far it’s been Glass Blown Open, Worlds and Ledgestone Insurance Open. I do look forward to more big events.

Does having your sister Valerie who is so close to you, and close to you in competition help to motivate you?

Yes it does. Valerie being one of my biggest competitors pushes me even harder. You never get to see your competitors train. Seeing my sister train pushes me harder.

Valerie and Alexis at 2016 PDGA Amateur Worlds in Madison, WI


What disc golf destination is on your list that you haven’t been to yet?

They’re are a few I’m looking forward to: Las Vegas Challenge, Discraft Memorial, Vibram (now MVP Open at Maple Hill) and Masters Cup.

Fill in the blank: Disc Golf is:______

Disc golf is my life. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I hope to continue on this path that God has lead me too.


If you could have an official snack of disc golf what would it be?

I like to carry apple’s, granola bars and carrots, it helps me keep going in my rounds.

Youth and kids disc golf is growing, and is one of the most important groups in disc golf for growing the sport. You have been playing since you were a young lady, and have multiple world titles, including 2018 Advanced Women World Champion that show your dedication to the sport. Do you have any advice for young ladies who are just starting to play, or who have been playing for a while?

Whether you’re doing it for fun or competition, enjoy the sport and have fun. Don’t let anybody set a bar for you. Keep challenging yourself.