Lady of the Month April 2016: Liz Carr-Sypien

How did you find out about disc golf?

I was working at a pizza place and all the guys went out to play and didn’t invite me so I went out the next day, bought my own discs and practiced my butt off so I would be able to beat those guys!

We did a little PDGA stalking (cause what good disc golf addict doesn’t) and looking back at your ratings history you had a pretty high rating at the beginning of your career. Did you play casually before playing tournaments or is it natural talent and understanding of how disc fly?

I only played casually for a few months before trying my first tournament. I was instantly addicted to the competition (I finished last), the new friendships and the whole inviting atmosphere that I found. I took practice to the extreme and would go out several times a day until I couldn’t throw anymore.


What are your top 3 favorite courses you have played in the United States?

Flip City, Shelby, MI – the course that taught me how to be a golfer and showed me the supportive network that disc golf embodies.

De Laveaga, Santa Cruz, CA – challenging and beautiful with a rich history.


Any Course, Any Town, USA – I find beauty in any course I’m on. I love seeing new shots and I believe that any and every course has the ability to teach a golfer new things.

“They” say little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Is it fairly accurate to say that most disc golf girls are made of beer and cheer and have nothing to fear?

Haha! I can definitely attest to the strong community of disc golf sisters. With all of our combined support and encouragement, we can be a part of fearlessly growing our divisions.

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Speaking of beer, if you had to choose an official beer of disc golf what would you choose?

I’d go for one of the huge companies like Budweiser. The bigger endorsements the better for the game! I might not drink much of it though.

If someone were to travel to Michigan for a disc golf road trip, what are your 3 must play courses in the Mitten (Michigan)?

  • Flip City, Shelby, MI – a true disc golf experience where you can see and feel the love that is disc golf.
  • Mason County Parks, Beauty, Beast and Goliath, Ludington, MI – all the golf you can take with lots of elevation changes and views of Lake Michigan.
  • Toboggan, Milford, MI – extreme golf, long, challenging and a workout!

Will the Detroit Lions ever win the Super Bowl?

Probably not in my lifetime. But I don’t want to say never!

If Discraft said you could only play with 3 discs for the rest of your career on their team, which 3 discs would you choose?

Soft APX-a reliable putter

Buzz- the best mid range on the market

Crank- a driver that can handle almost any weather condition.



How is Scratch?

She is a little jealous of her human sister but she is learning that the baby is always a good place to find snacks!


You are a young disc golf mamma:) Any advice for expecting mothers in regard to playing while pregnant? Any additional advice for mom’s who play disc golf?

Playing pregnant was tough. Sometimes just walking was a challenge but I kept reading articles about how important exercise is while pregnant so what better outlet than disc golf? I played until I felt I could no longer (about 9 months) and had an easy delivery that I attribute to the regular exercise. I would never have been able to golf so much during my pregnancy, or even now, without the unending support and encouragement from my husband.