Lady of the Month June 2016 Kim McVicar a.k.a. Lady Bug

When was the first time you heard about disc golf?

The first time I heard about disc golf was from my daughter Gina, her new boyfriend (who is now her husband) played disc golf and she thought it was something I would like.

When did you first start playing disc golf?

I threw my very first disc at Token Creek, in Madison, WI the end of August 2009. I was living and working in Madison, WI at the time. I leased a parking spot and the guy (Jason Humphrey) who worked there started talking about this sport called disc golf. My mind goes “hey Gina mentioned this sport to me”. I fell in love with the sport from my very first not so good throw.


It’s never too late to start playing, right?

That’s right Jenny I was 54 when I threw my first disc.


You are one of the most stylish golfers we know, always looking sharp, and vibrant, what is your favorite gear to play disc golf in?

A smile 🙂


What is your most memorable disc golf vacation?

Hands down the 2011 Disc Golf Cruise, yes friends there was such an event.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to start playing disc golf, or who just started and is new to the game?

Don’t get discouraged and remember to always, always have FUN!

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If you could have an official candy of disc golf what would it be?

DOTS of course!


What are your top 3 favorite courses in Wisconsin?

Token Creek
Rolling Ridge
Sandy point


Kim and Tom at Sandy Point Disc Golf Ranch and Resort.

If you could have a tee off song for the first round of a big event, what song would you choose?

This Girls is on Fire

What is your favorite recipe to make for others?


Kim really made this chili!

You turned 60 recently (Happy Birthday) do you have any disc golf goals for your 60th year on this earth?

To win Senior Grandmasters at AM Worlds this year.