September Lady of the Month: Carol Quinn

How did disc golf become part of your life?

I had known about disc golf since the early 90’s, had friends that played at the local Bayville Disc Golf Course in Virginia Beach. I went to a tournament in August 2013 and sat the sidelines for two days and decided on my way home, I’d give it a try.

Would you say you are more of a touch finesse player or a power crusher? Or somewhere in the middle?

I would say I am more of a touch finesse player, better at the short game than a power crusher.

What are your three favorite discs from Innova?

Gosh, I like so many but I would have to say my three top are the Tern, Sidewinder and a toss up between the Mamba and Wombat.

Going into the final round of a big tournament if you could have any song playing as you tee off, what would it be?

“Blind” by Korn. It has always been one of my favorite songs, let alone bands, with such a kick butt beat that makes me want to just go rip it up.

What is your favorite disc golf saying or slang terminology?

I have quite a few. I always try to encourage others and look for the positive when playing with new players…If they think their drive is short, I always say ”Its Forward Progress”, this helps new players stay focused on the positive side ;-). Another is “Smile at those chains and shake hands with the basket on your putt”. My last one is mainly so I don’t beat myself up but good advice for others as well…”In order to shoot consistent golf, you have to shoot consistently”. I see this happen a lot. People expect to come out once in awhile and wonder why they cant hold lines or miss those 20 ft putts. Golf to me is a muscle memory thing. The more you work that muscle, the better you are going to be.

If a placement to the basket gives you the choice of a hyzer line or anhyzer line which do you prefer?

I love anhyzer lines so that would be my preference. Unfortunately lately, I have been struggling with my turnovers, so I have been avidly working on a sidearm shot to add to my bag.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a female who just started playing disc golf?

The first bit of advice I would give a new female player as they start playing the sport is to not beat yourself up and think you are going to master the game overnight. We all start out the same with this game and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. But above all, have FUN!!!!

What are your three favorite courses in Virginia?

Wow, now that’s tough because I have so many but I would have to say…

1) The Blockhouse Disc Golf Courses in Spotsylvania

The Blockhouse- Sunny Side Photo: DG Course Review

2) New Quarter in Williamsburg

New Quarter Park Photo: DG Course Review

3) Munden Point in Virginia Beach

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If you had an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Blonde ales if I had a beer choice

or Miller Lite…

but my preferred beverage of choice are vodka sours.


You recently wrapped up the first ever Virginia Women’s Series, and put in a lot of hard work to make it happen, congratulations on the hard work! Do you think the series helped along with women’s tournaments bring more players to the course and connect ladies in the greater Virginia area?

Thank you Jenny. The series was a blast and so worth the work. I could not have done this without all the support from the Virginia Disc Golf Clubs hosting us and sponsors helping with each individual event. The feedback from the ladies that played was great and gives me high hopes for next year’s series. We had ladies of all levels and ages play in the VWDGS and quite a few ladies that had never played in a sanctioned tournament before until the series. Ladies that hadn’t played that much in recent years decided to dust off their disc and start playing again also.

My thought process behind starting the series in Virginia is to not only encourage more ladies to start playing the game but, we have a lot of ladies golfing and the divisions are very small in local tournaments. And there are a couple reasons for the smaller ladies divisions: 1.)The sport is growing so rapidly that tournaments fill up a lot faster and 2.) It is very intimidating playing in your first few sanctioned tournaments. Starting up a women’s only series gave the opportunity to women who are just starting the sport, a chance to feel more comfortable on the course and work on their nerves as well and prepare them for other sanctioned events. Having decent size divisions, watching more advanced ladies shots and learning from them, how to get out of certain situations and playing at different courses, gave the opportunity to see what kind of shots you need to have in your bag for competitive play. Having a series throughout the state allowed for other women golfers to get to know each other and have ladies to play with at their home courses. The camaraderie you gain from playing with other ladies with the same passion as you is priceless and growing the sport for that very reason is something I will continue to do.