June Lady of the Month: Podcaster Extraordinaire Becca Kephart

Becca Kephart PDGA member #94101 is an amateur disc golfer residing in Kansas City. Originally from Colorado this disc golf lady loves following the stats and cheering for the women of disc golf! In 2018 Becca started the Ladies of the Chains Disc Golf podcast. The first disc golf podcast that focuses on All Things Women’s Disc Golf. Continue reading for 10 questions with this most excellent musician, disc golfer and podcaster extraordinaire

When and where did you first start playing disc golf?

I very first started playing disc golf in 2004 when I was newly married and had just moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s funny because I don’t even remember what or who first introduced me to the sport.  The Edora course was only about a half mile from our apartment and I wanted to play all the time even though I was terrible and had no idea what I was doing. We moved farther from the course in 2006, and I only played very rarely until my dad came to visit me in Kansas City in 2016. We had a day with no plans and I had driven by Rosedale a bunch of times and thought it would be fun to give disc golf another try. I still had my few discs (they were super moldy and needed to be bleach washed) but once we had played a few holes I was hooked again and sad I’d ever stopped playing. When we got back from the course I did a Facebook search and found the Kansas City Disc Golf Divas. The rest is history.

Do you prefer technical wooded courses or long open courses?

I love courses that have a mixture of both. I don’t throw super far, so long courses are not my favorite. But I like courses that mix in holes that I might have a chance to score on with more difficult holes. Recreation Park in Raymore, MO is one of my favorite courses because it gives me a chance to throw a bunch of different shots, but at distances I can handle.

If you could have anyone in the world be your doubles partner who would you choose?

This is such a tough question!!! If I had to pick one, I’ll go with Elaine King. She’s so good and knows the game so well. She also throws the same plastic as I do, so I feel like I’d be able to pick up some extra tips.

Best Tip for someone playing in their first disc golf tournament?

Everyone is nervous and awkward! I remember at my first tournament thinking I was the only one who felt uncomfortable and a little lonely. But the co-TD Rhonda Crosby had sent out a wonderful email the night before saying that everyone would be nervous and that we were about to make a bunch of friends. She couldn’t have been more right. Some of the women I met that day are great disc golf friends now. I found the most wonderful friends and community, it just took a minute. And you’ll probably score way worse than you expect, but that’s ok.

What are your 3 favorite courses in the Kansas City area?

  1. Rosedale (Kansas City, KS)- it’s my home course and where I found disc golf again.
  2. Bad Rock Creek (Liberty, MO) -I just started playing this course recently, but it’s got a ton of variety. 
  3. Recreation Park (Raymore, MO)- The design of this course makes me feel like what I think the pros feel like when they walk up to a hole. If I throw the shot right, I have a chance to make the green on most holes. But they’re not all “easy” shots.

Rosedale Down Under Photo Courtesy: Dg Course Review

If you could travel to anywhere in the whole world to play disc golf where would you go?

Finland! I’m trying to convince my husband that’s a good destination for our 20 year anniversary. Maybe we can bounce around Europe a bit and I can play in the Tyyni.

Would you rather play in rain & warm temps or wind and high temps over 90 degrees?

Despite all the rain I’ve had to play in so far this year, I will always say rain! I learned last year that playing in heat and sun wears me out so much faster. For that reason I’m not playing any 2 round in one day events in June and July to hopefully give myself the best chance to play well.

If you could have an official beverage of disc golf what would it be?

Recently I’ve discovered my best after round drink is tomato juice. Weird right? But the combo of salt, potassium, and vitamin C is a great recovery drink.

Do you attend any leagues? If so want to give a shout out to them?

I have a job where I work in the afternoons and evenings, so I actually don’t get to make a lot of leagues. My schedule recently changed and I will have Fridays off, so I’m looking forward to checking out some of the Friday leagues! But shout out to the Kansas City Disc Golf Divas league, they are the absolute bestest.

You host and produce the Ladies of the Chains Podcast. We were excited when we discovered your podcast! Do you have a favorite guest or episode? How can people support your podcast?

I am so thankful for the content we’ve been able to put out! I’m truly indebted to my co-hosts and all the guests we’ve had. Without them, the podcast wouldn’t exist. And selfishly it’s made me a better golfer! I can’t pick a favorite episode, but I can say a number of episodes have surprised me with how good they turned out. I never know what a guest will have to say, but it’s always so interesting and I’m again so grateful for the people that have taken the time to speak with me. To support the podcast visit ladiesofthechains.com and click on the support button to be linked to our Patreon. There’s also a link where you can purchase a t-shirt, hat, or mini.

We have to give a huge thank you to Becca for asking Ladies First Disc Golf owner Jenny San Filippo to be a guest on the Ladies of The Chains Podcast! We recently did an episode and covered Fears of Disc Golf, you can listen by clicking here https://www.ladiesofthechains.com/fears-on-the-coursethe-state-of-fpo 


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March 2019 Lady of the Month: The Disc Princess Jessica Weese

You have been playing since you were a young lady, at what age did you first start playing disc golf?

I started playing disc golf at the age of 6. Maybe even before then… my mom played a lot when I was younger.

Your power and distance with forehand drives is one of the best in the FPO division. For a player wanting to increase their distance and power on a forehand drive, what is the best advice you can give them to help with this?

I try focusing on planting my left foot at the same time I throw the disc, also when you let go, the angle of your wrist means the world.

Which disc golf event do you look forward to playing every year?

Every year I look forward to the World Championships!  I have won big events before, but the only one everyone will never forget is the World Championships.

Over the last 5 years what is the most exciting thing you experienced on the disc golf course?

Winning 1st Place at the Beaver State Fling in 2015, Utah Open, and the Ledgestone Open. I just cant wait to take a world title!

Photo Credit: Lauren Lakeberg

Do you attend any women only tournaments throughout the year? If so, what are your favorite women’s only tournaments or leagues to attend?

Yes I try to attend the USWDGC every year.

I used to play the Daisy Chains Event in Santa Cruz, CA. That was one of the most amazing women’s tournaments, unfortunately my schedule has put a stop to that tournament for me.

Poppy Series is an all ladies series of tournaments in California I try to attend the ones that I can.

I have played at Ladies of the Lake in Ohio.  And I am sure I am missing some….

As a member of the Innova Star team if Innova said “Jessica, you can only play with 3 discs for the rest of your disc golf career” what 3 discs would you choose? Only 3?

I guess I’d have to say- Glo champion Leopard3 168g, Star Vulcan 169g, and Star Destroyer 168g

We have seen the beautiful necklaces you make, how did you get into making jewelry?

I have always loved beads, my grandma is a rock-hound.  Every year the gem and mineral show came to town, I always spent hours at the bead table helping set up and take down. The lady working the booth always gave me beads as a thank you for helping.

Every time I get new beads it inspires me to break out my bead collection and get working!

~Thank you Anette for being my bead inspiration. ~

After just running your first disc golf tournament with the help of Garrett Gurthie and your mom Sheri, what was the biggest takeaway as first time tournament director?

You must have a crew of people to help you. All helpers must know their job and how to do it, there is no time to answer everyone’s questions.

How can people support you so you can stay on the road and tour?

Follow me on my athlete page Facebook Jessica Weese or Instagram @Discprincess

I post jewelry for sale, I also post my custom stamped discs for sale.


~ Stay Tuned

As a female player who started playing a young age, what is advice do you have for young lady or teenage disc golfers in terms of sticking with it, and making it a lifelong activity?

Well, being a young girl I wanted to do my own thing. My mom would go play disc golf while I was in school.

When I got out of school I would walk to the park and meet my mom. I would put my backpack away and grab my skateboard. I was  sponsored for skateboarding way before I was any good at disc golf. At the age of 11, I beat my mom for the first time in a tournament round. This was my all time favorite memory as a kid. I told everyone at the tournament! She hated that, but little did she know that was my motivation for my future of Disc Golf.

Don’t ever pressure the kids into playing, make it fun, that is my all time advice!

-Jessica Weese The Disc Princess <3

January 2019 Lady of the Month: Katie Holbrook

Katie Holbrook PDGA #62587 is a lady disc golfer originally from Columbus, OH now living in Nashville, TN. Katie has tremendous power with her drives and smooth form. Katie placed 1st in 2015 at the Amateur Championships at Bowling Green in the Recreational Women’s Division. You can find Katie crushing her Innova discs in the Advanced and Pro Women’s divisions. She is a member of the Innova Ambassador Team, Team Whale Sacs, Flyin Colors Disc Golf, Black Monocle Discs. Katie has been on our team of Sparkle Sisters since the very beginning of our team in 2016, as of January 2019 she is our team hype lady and Sparkle Captain!

January 2019 Lady of the Month: Katie Holbrook

How did you learn about disc golf? When did you start playing?

 Some friends who played casually. My brother Nate bought me my first DX Leopard.

What is your favorite course in Ohio?

The Twilight Zone. (A privately owned discgolf course by Chuck Custer and Maureen Miller)

What is your favorite course in Tennessee? 

Harmon Hills in Fall Branch, TN

Hole 1 Harmon Hills
Photo Courtesy: DG Course Review

Best advice for female player who wants to increase their distance on their drives?

To throw slightly lighter, less stable discs

What is your favorite disc golf event or experience?

That’s hard…Probably playing The Nantucket Open last year or working the USDGC

What are your 3 favorite discs from Innova?

Teebird, Leopard, and a Valkyrie

If you could have an official beer or beverage of disc golf what would it be?

Coffee. Iced latte preferably. I love espresso.

In the day hours you are a magician with hair styling. What is your favorite part of being a hairstylist?

Making people feel better about themselves leaving than when they came in

If you could have a tee off song for 2019, what song would it be?

Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé

You are a member of a few disc golf teams (Innova, Whale Sacs, Black Monocle Discs and Flyin Colors) including our team of Sparkle Sisters. As of 2019 you are the official team captain, also known as Sparkle Captain! Why is growing women’s disc golf important  to you?

It is important to grow women’s disc golf me, because the more women that play and compete, the more likely other women will join. It’s so motivating and comforting all at the same time.  Ladies leagues, clinics, and women only tournaments are fantastic ways to get ladies involved.

November 2018 Lady of the Month: Debbie Scott

Debbie Scott is a professional disc golfer who lives in Charlotte, NC. Debbie is on the Innova Disc Golf Ambassador team since 2013, a member of the Throw Pink Team, sponsored by Paragon Disc Golf, United Chains Disc Golf team member, sponsored by the Rock at Stonewall  and a Ladies First Disc Golf Sparkle Sister. In her hometown of Charlotte, NC Debbie hosts the Charlotte Disc Golf Ladies League. Not only does Debbie play disc golf with the ladies in her area, she also teaches disc golf to children at the Carolina Bible camp, and is a lifeguard at the Charlotte YMCA! Always doing good things for others, Ladies First Disc Golf wanted to recognize Debbie by asking her to be the 2018 November Lady of the Month, read more here:

When and where did you first play disc golf?

I first learned how to play disc golf at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall of 1995.


What are your top 3 courses to play in North Carolina?

Glenburnie Park in New Bern, NC

Glenburnie Park Photo Courtesy DG Course Review

Castle Hayne near Wilmington

Castle Hayne photo courtesy: Disc Golf Course Review

NC & Ashe County Park in West Jefferson, NC

Ashe County Park photo courtesy: Disc Golf Course Review

What is your ideal breakfast the morning of a disc golf tournament?

Protein shake with banana & peanut butter

What event do you look forward to most each year?

Magnolia Open (all Women’s event at the IDGC complex)

Your career has many accolades including some notable moments as an amateur player. During your first year of competing in 2010 you were crowned the  Intermediate Women’s Champion at the USWDGC. Also in 2012 you placed 2nd in Advanced Women in the PDGA Amateur World Championships. Being a pro player since 2013 what advice would you give to an amatuer female player who is looking to eventually compete in the professional division?

Move up when you’re ready. Everyone’s tipping point is different. Don’t be pressured to move too soon.

If you could have an official beverage of disc golf, what would it be?

Body Armor

What do you putt with?

DX Colt

Throw Pink DX Colt

Best tip for playing in warm and humid conditions?

Stay in the shade as much as possible, drink plenty of water, slow down

What disc would you most recommend for a new player?

Innova Shark

Your whole family plays disc golf, what a great family activity! How do you keep kids interested in disc golf as they are growing up?

They had to be with us, but I never pushed it on them. Sometimes Christian just played with the rocks and sticks, and that was perfectly fine. They eventually wanted to do what we were doing. Christian was literally side-arming from the jogger stroller before he could walk! Now at 12, he out drives me!!

Comforts of Being Uncomfortable: Playing Disc Golf in Winter

Erin Oakley is one of the most recognizable forces of the growth of women’s disc golf, she plays disc golf in any weather and loves winter disc golf. She is a member of Team Innova, Luna Disc, Disc 2 Basket and a Ladies First Disc Golf Sparkle Sister. Erin has hosted prominent women’s disc golf tournaments such as Disc Girls Gone Wild and the 2018 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships. Weather doesn’t stop Erin from enjoying her favorite hobby disc golf. Read Erin’s tips if you are playing disc golf for the first time in snow, cold and winter conditions. 

There is No Off Season for Disc Golf

Many disc golfers may refer to the winter months as the “off season”. While I may not be competing much in the winter, I don’t refer to any months as “off season”. I will normally play disc golf in any weather and I especially love winter disc golf golf as it actually helps me tune in my game. Winter disc golf in Michigan is often cold, wet and snowy. These conditions require me to bundle up in extra layers and thick boots which help me remember to slow my movements down and focus on what really counts, the flow and follow through. Using these tools in the winter really helps my game in the nicer weather because I keep the flow simple.

Going into my 19th season of disc golf and also having the maternal instincts, I am always prepared for any weather conditions. Here are some of the things I have learned over the years in being able to enjoy throwing in all kinds of weather.


When playing winter disc golf be sure to layer up in loose layers. I usually have one layer close to the skin, such as Nike or Under Armor tights. These tights were made to keep the body heat in.  I will then layer up with at least one loose fitting long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt over that. Keep the loose layers on actually helps keep that body heat in. If it is extreme cold, I will add a thin wind breaker or rain jacket over top which will block the wind from going through the other layers and makes you extra toasty. It is always better to wear more than you think you need so if you do get warm you can take a layer off. It is much harder to add layers later than take one off.

Foot Gear

I have multiple pairs of wool socks and I love them! I wear those with my waterproof socks over top of the wool socks with my waterproof boots. Waterproof foot gear is the best way to go when playing winter disc golf. There is nothing worse than have wet and cold feet. Even if there is no snow or water on the ground, the waterproof socks act like the wind breaker, they help hold the heat in. Avoid standing around on cement as this will make your feet colder when you are waiting to play winter disc golf. As a TD, if I have to run a tournament in cold weather, I will bring a small piece of carpet or rug to stand on in the shelter where tournament central is.


Mittens, not gloves! I will only use mittens in winter with hand warmers inside. Gloves will always leave my fingers cold, even if I have hand warmers in them. Using mittens will keep all the heat in the same space. They are also easier to put on and take off your throwing hand. And speaking of hand warmers, I read a tip online a couple winters ago on how to keep them going for longer to save on buying so many.  When you are done with your round, place your hand warmers in a zip lock baggie and press out all the air so it is airtight. This will make them go dormant. I’ve left mine in the baggie for a week at a time and used them again the following week. They are just as hot as when you put them in there! Amazing!


Glittery Towels Dry Discs Better

Place your extra towels in a large zip lock baggie. This will keep the extras dry if it is snowing or raining. I only have 1-2 out at a time to make them last as long as possible through the round.


Rain Gear

Rain gear is not only for the rain! As I mentioned above, a rain jacket can help keep the heat in! Rain gear is not as thick as a winter coat or snow pants. I have a rain jacket and pants that I wear in the winter to stay dry from the snow and or rain.

My last tip is to use a canteen/metal style water bottle and put warm water in there. If you have a nice bottle, your drink won’t freeze up on you while you are out in the cold. Stay hydrated in the cold months too as this is just as important as staying hydrated in the summer!


Hope you all enjoy your winter discing!

–Erin Oakley

PDGA #17643

October 2018 Lady of the Month: Paige Bjerkaas

Paige Bjerkaas #33833 is a pro disc golfer on the Dynamic Discs team. Her disc golf career started in 2007 competing as a junior disc golfer. Paige is the 2018 Female Pro Disc Golf World Champion, winning in a 49 player division of professional women disc golfers. The 2018 Pro World’s competition took place at Smuggler’s Notch in Jeffersonville, VT,  Paige earned her first world championship title as a professional at this competition. In 2010 Paige earned the title of Female Junior II World Champion at the Amateur Worlds in Marion, OH. She is also a student at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS, and works at the  Dynamic Discs retail store in the off season. Her parents have had a huge impact on her disc golf journey! 

Who introduced you to disc golf? At what age did you begin playing?

My parents introduced me to the sport. They found out about disc golf the year I was born. My parents put a disc in my hand as early as 6-7 but I didn’t play a full 18 until I was 10. I competed in my first tournament also when I was 10.

What disc would you most recommend to a new female player?

I would recommend a Diamond for a new female player.

If Dynamic Discs said you could only play with 3 discs from now until eternity, which 3 would you choose?

The three discs I would use forever would be the Opto Ballista Pro, the Lucid EMAC Truth and the Classic Judge.

Dogs or Cats or Both or Neither?

I love kitties!!!

Often players get nervous before a tournament starts, and sometime it holds them back from playing. Do you get nervous before an event starts? Any tips on shaking the nerves?

I definitely still get nervous at the beginning of the tournament. My tip for that is getting a good warm up in. If your body has been throwing the shots and putting already, it’ll be easier for you to execute with nerves on that first hole.

What event do you look forward to the most each year?

The Glass Blown Open is the event I look forward to the most every year.

On a PDGA Radio podcast episode from earlier in the year, you mentioned you were a fan of the Beastie Boys! Well, the Beastie Boys are one of my favorite bands too,  that put a smile on my face when I heard that:) 2 part question: 1.) What is your favorite Beastie Boys album? 2.) What song off that album is your favorite?

I love the Beastie Boys!!! Licensed to Ill is my favorite album and my favorite song on that album is No Sleep Til Brooklyn.

If you could have a spirit animal, which animal would you choose?

My spirit animal is a penguin because I am very clumsy.

If you could have an official beverage or snack of disc golf what would it be?

My official snack of disc golf would be Gold Fish!

Congratulations on winning your first Pro Worlds title! The whole disc golf community is excited for you!  A lot of young ladies look up to you, and will be looking up to you as you continue your disc golf career. What is the best advice you can give to a new female disc golf player?

Thank you!! The best advice I can give to not only a new female player, but any new player, is learn to throw a putter! Start with putters. It teaches you smooth form. And when you mess up on a putter shot, it shows you what you did wrong. You can easily see the mistake you made.

Bonus question: How can your fans support you and your tour?

I can be supported through the Dynamic Discs website! Just type my name Paige Bjerkaas in the search bar and my Discs should come up! I have signature Fuzion Judges and a custom DyeMax design that can be put on almost any disc!




August 2018 Lady of the Month: Alexis Mandujano

Alexis Mandujano is a 3 time Amateur World Champion in disc golf, wining 2 junior division titles in 2016 and 2017. Alexis is the current 2018 Advanced Women Amateur World Champion. Her sister Valerie is also a 3 time world champion,  family and disc golf is strong with this young upcoming disc golf lady. Read more about Alexis and her dedication to the sport of disc golf:

Who introduced you to disc golf and how long have you been playing? 

My dad introduced me to disc golf. 

It was something to try out as a family, then we got hooked. I have been playing for 6 years and 5 years competitively.


Your sister Valerie plays disc golf too, and is also a multiple time world champion. Have you always both shared the same interest in disc golf? 

We have the same interest, we have achieved along list of Junior and Amateur titles. Now we have along list of Pro titles yet to achieve.

What are your favorite courses in Texas?

My Favorite course in Texas are:

Universal City

Live Oak

and Circle C.

What do you putt with?

I putt with is Discmania P-line P1 .I love the feel in my hands it has a clean release and feels gummy.

What event of the year do you look forward to the most?

So far it’s been Glass Blown Open, Worlds and Ledgestone Insurance Open. I do look forward to more big events.

Does having your sister Valerie who is so close to you, and close to you in competition help to motivate you?

Yes it does. Valerie being one of my biggest competitors pushes me even harder. You never get to see your competitors train. Seeing my sister train pushes me harder.

Valerie and Alexis at 2016 PDGA Amateur Worlds in Madison, WI


What disc golf destination is on your list that you haven’t been to yet?

They’re are a few I’m looking forward to: Las Vegas Challenge, Discraft Memorial, Vibram (now MVP Open at Maple Hill) and Masters Cup.

Fill in the blank: Disc Golf is:______

Disc golf is my life. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I hope to continue on this path that God has lead me too.


If you could have an official snack of disc golf what would it be?

I like to carry apple’s, granola bars and carrots, it helps me keep going in my rounds.

Youth and kids disc golf is growing, and is one of the most important groups in disc golf for growing the sport. You have been playing since you were a young lady, and have multiple world titles, including 2018 Advanced Women World Champion that show your dedication to the sport. Do you have any advice for young ladies who are just starting to play, or who have been playing for a while?

Whether you’re doing it for fun or competition, enjoy the sport and have fun. Don’t let anybody set a bar for you. Keep challenging yourself.

The Comforts of Being Uncomfortable: Standing Up To Your Fears

I’ve always been a scared-y cat.

When I was about 5 or 6 years old I was Upnorth (Northern Wisconsin for anyone not familiar with the term “Upnorth”) visiting my granny like we did every summer. We were at a small amusement park of sorts which had a train that ran through the park. Little did I know that this wasn’t a normal peaceful train ride.

During the train ride robbers come to rob the guests on the train. Obviously the train robbers were actors, as we were at an amusement park. However, it was not obvious to young Jenny that they were not really robbing the train. When the train robbers approached our train car, I panicked and started balling my eyes out. My mom had to carry me off the train as I could just not grasp that I was not in danger and that it was all in my head. Since I was being a scared-y cat it was a good time ruined by unnecessary fear that I created in my mind.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Fear is a powerful emotion and your brain is a powerful organ. Together if you don’t face your fear or over power your mind, you will let fear ruin a lot of good times for you.

The decision to quit…

Early this year I made a decision that I would quit my full time job as the operations manager at Holland Bulb Farms.

Me, in full Operations Manager Mode.

I made this decision in January and the main reason was to focus more on Ladies First Disc Golf. Although fear of change, and the comfort of a steady job had been holding me back from this decision for a couple of years. I planned for 6 months before I decided I would pick a quit date and tell my boss of my plans. It was nice having time to prep, but it also gave me a lot of time to think.

As I got closer to the day I planned to tell my boss my decision and plans–there were a mix of emotions. I was excited for a new opportunity, but also terrified of what may happen. Fear was a strong emotion I was feeling prior to my planned quit date.

Initially I feared my boss’s reaction–would he be upset? Would he react poorly and send me packing that very day? Since I made this decision, planned and wrote it down in my dream book I couldn’t back down. I had to face my fears.

To some people quitting a job may be a sweet victory or a relief. For me I held this position for 8 years and have a bit of a loyalty complex, I have a habit of being dependable. Quitting was more than letting my boss down, it was also the fear of losing out on what I had and the fear of the unknown.

I knew I had the ability to practice putt at work, that was a bonus!

I knew what I had at my current job, but was feeling stagnant. I had to change–I had to challenge myself. I had to run directly into the fear of failure, disappointment and embrace being uncomfortable.

Lunch Break Disc Golf Was Something I Always Looked Forward To!

It was the only way I could grow, develop and attain what I really wanted.

The day I told my boss, I was a ball of nerves the entire morning. Even with the preparation and knowing my boss is a level headed and kind person, I was still in fear. When I started the conversation that day with my boss early into the conversation all my fears diminished. He was excited for me and understood my reasons for my decision. He was even nice enough to agree to keep employed part time, in a new role as Garden Expert. After all that worrying, and letting fear rule me for quite some time over this choice the outcome was greater than I could have ever imagined.

On my last day as Operations Manager July 27th, 2018

Fear and limiting beliefs in disc golf.

At this point you may be wondering how does this relate to disc golf (other than the fact I will have more time to dedicate to Ladies First Disc Golf) Well, fear may be limiting you from reaching your full potential or experiencing all that disc golf has to offer.


If you fear putting on an elevated basket you’re less likely to become good at making those putts. Step outside your comfort zone and go for it next time you encounter an elevated basket.

Maybe you are a backhand dominant player and need to learn to throw forehand but fear looking silly. Perhaps you fear throwing less than 5′ and into the ground. To overcome this practice only forehand for several rounds.

Lady of the Month Eleanor looking awesome throwing a forehand off the tee!

It may be uncomfortable and your scores may be higher during those rounds.

Sarah Hokom the BEST forehand thrower in the FPO division.

Over time you will get over those feelings of discomfort and throwing flat and with more accuracy.

Sparkle Sister Sara Lamberson Approaching with a forehand.

Want more tips on the basics of forehand and backhand throws? Check out this article from Discgolf4women.com 

Fear may also be preventing you from meeting new people in disc golf. If you are afraid of meeting new people at a ladies league or tournament you are more than likely missing out on creating some life long friendships.

Remember we were all new once, and all most likely had that same feeling of fear and not fitting in.

Perhaps you have been playing tournaments and have been crushing it in the division  you have been playing in. If your rating is closer the high end cut off and you are dominating those divisions perhaps it is time to try playing in a higher division. Maybe you fear losing and not keeping up with more skilled players. After all winning and being the most skilled player on your card is much more comfortable than the opposite. However, growth and learning often does not come from a place of comfort.

To truly elevate your game and reach your full potential you must challenge yourself and risk being uncomfortable. Step up your game, face the fear of losing and potential embarrassment and step into a place of growth!

The time is now, embrace fear and the feelings of discomfort.

If you are making excuses for in disc golf–you are most likely making these excuses as you are afraid and don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I know this because I am a scared-y cat who makes excuses to not feel uncomfortable. But I am working on becoming a fearless lioness, who doesn’t let fear stop me from doing cool things and meeting new people. Life is meant to be lived, so go out and live it! If you are contemplating or holding your self back–just get up and go do it! Worst case scenario is you learn something new.

July 2018 Lady of the Month: Carla Correa

When, and where were you when you first played disc golf? Who were you with?

2003ish; UW-Parkside; with the Darkside Crew, who at the time included my hubbs Sergio, The Buschman Twins, Theresa & Jim F., Nicole W., and others I’m sure I’m missing.

At this point I was throwing once or twice and spent the rest of the time goofing off with the girls. I was also recovering from 3rd and 4th knee surgeries that included ACL reconstruction.

What is your favorite out of state disc golf experience?

United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships

P.S. The 2018 USWDGC is filling fast!

What is the most significant change in women’s disc golf since you started playing?

The amount of women that play now, amount of touring pro women, and the communities they have built.


What is your favorite disc golf driver?

It’s gotta be the Opto line Diamond right now…thanks for introducing me to it, Fairy Disc Mother!!

If you could travel to anywhere in the whole world to play disc golf where would you go?

Anywhere I’ve never been; Japan, Finland, Australia, the Disc Golf Cruise!

What is your favorite in state (Wisconsin) disc golf experience or event?

The Indoor Disc Golf Experience


Wisco Disco

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Halloween Howler

Sorry I can’t pick just 1.

How did you learn to be such a smooth operator on the disc golf course?

I married Smooth as Butter himself! But really, the love and encouragement from everyone I’ve met or played with over the years.

What is Carol Correa making for dinner tonight?

Lol! Pork chops, sauteed mushrooms, grilled asparagus with fresh lemon

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?


You’re a mom to a beautiful young lady! How do you balance motherhood, work and being able to get on the course? Any tips for young mom’s to keep playing disc golf while balancing other aspects of their life?

I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it out! I DO know that it’s a team effort, because I definitely don’t do it alone. Having a support system is vital and for me, it was about re-evaluating and re-prioritizing my responsibilities. Having a child was a major life change which meant disc golf was no longer my biggest hobby.

Carla & Sergio’s Daughter Giovanna modeling a Ladies First Disc Golf top

I don’t play nearly as much as I used to, and that was hard to accept at first, but it did make me appreciate my time on the course more, and life in general. Things are different now, disc golf has a different meaning for me now too; it’s not about hitting a lot of events and winning, it’s an opportunity to see old DG family, friends, and an opportunity to grow more.

Tips for young Moms? Stay positive, stay healthy, work hard, be brave, be kind, build a support system, and if possible…join a ladies league.

Carla with the Ladies Discin’

April 2018 Lady of the Month: Pixie Cannon

When did you first start playing disc golf? Did anyone help you get into the sport?

My first round of Disc Golf was in May of 2012. A co-worker and I were hanging out, talking about the empty feeling I had from high school sports and competition coming to an end. Disc Golf was recommended and I was hooked after my first round! 

Forehand, backhand or both?

I use both forehand and backhand. I choose between the two by the angles of the fairway, and the variables I’m presented with. I was told by fellow Team Discraft member, Neal Dambra PDGA#200, that to truly go far in this sport you need both. Since that day a few years ago I have made it a big point to practice both equally. It really helps out to have both throws, strong staples in my bag.


What is your favorite disc for crushing drives?

I have 2 favorite discs that I use for distance. For straight to anhyzer shots I use a Z Heat, 175 gm. I can trust it to do its job down long tunnels, and straight shots. The Z Heat is the most used disc in my bag, besides my putters.

Photo Courtesy Discraft


For distance shots that finish hyzering, I go for an ESP Force, 172gm. I like to pull this disc over and let it fly its full flight pattern. This disc saves me so many strokes out there during tournament rounds. 

Photo Courtesy Discraft

What is your favorite thing about being on the road traveling to play disc golf?

My first practice round at a new course. I have a deep appreciation for good course design, and view the way we twist and twine through the trees and hills as art. I’m so glad we get the opportunity to play on such prestigious courses. I love it when nature takes my breathe away. 


What is your best tip for playing disc golf in the wind?

Trust your shot. I could tell you the normal physics of wind and the way the disc will lift or fall depending on the direction it’s blowing, but honestly when it comes down to it, trusting your shot is what matters the most. You have to make a choice regardless of the other factors, and you need to trust that choice. If you’re confident in your decision, it will not turn out as bad as when you aren’t sure and soft arm it.

Photo Courtesy Discraft

Fill in the blank….Disc golf is ________. 


What disc golf destination is at the top of your list that you haven’t been to yet?

Maple Hill

If you had to choose an official beer of disc golf, what would it be?

Deschutes Brewery’s Chain Breaker White IPA

What do you think your dog’s favorite part about being a disc dog is?

When we get out of the car in a new State. She gets so overjoyed by the new smells and wildlife.


How can people help to support your touring efforts?

We are looking to run doubles events with free clinics throughout our travels this year. If you would like us to come to your area and put on a great show and event email me at pixiethrowsdiscraft@gmail.com Also keep an eye out for out next Tour Fundraiser Disc, Inspired by Pinky and the Brain<3 The art has been commissioned for development and we are so thrilled to see the final product!