February 2018 Lady of the Month: Sara Lamberson

When did you start playing disc golf?

I started playing disc sports around 2003 when I played on a recreational ultimate Frisbee team in high school. When I went to college, I played on the competitive co-ed team starting in 2005. My friends and I used to throw Frisbees around campus and use light poles and trash cans as targets. I didn’t even know disc golf existed! In 2008, one of my professors took me to the campus-owned disc golf course, and I played my first legitimate round. I wouldn’t say I was immediately hooked, but I started phasing out of ultimate and focusing all of my free time on disc golf.


Forehand or backhand or both?

I mostly throw backhand but often use forehand for putter upshots. I developed this skill from throwing an ultimate disc for years.

What are your 3 favorite discs from Innova?

Gstar Sidewinder

Photo Courtesy: Innova Disc Golf

Gstar Tern

Photo Courtesy: Innova Disc Golf

Gstar Mako3

Photo Courtesy: Innova Disc Golf

If you could choose any disc golfer in the whole world to be your partner in a doubles tournament who would you choose?

I swear I’m not trying to be mushy! I would choose my life partner Shawn Sinclair. When Shawn was on tour full time, he was one of the top pros in the world! He is still a 1000+ rated golfer, but he hasn’t played a competitive round since 2009. Although we play for fun all the time, we have never partnered up for a doubles event. I know that we would have a ton of fun and not take things too seriously. I also know what I would be getting myself into and wouldn’t be nervous around him if I made a bad shot, because he witnesses my bad shots all the time!

What are your 3 favorite courses in Tennessee?

Harmon Hills in Fall Branch, TN

Photo Courtesy: DG Course Review

Cedar Hill in Madison, TN

Photo Courtesy: Dg Course Review

and Victor Ashe in Knoxville, TN

Photo Courtesy: DG Course Review

You performed very well at Am Worlds in Minneapolis in 2014. What was the deciding factor when you decided to compete as a pro?

I put a lot of thought into “going pro” before I actually did it. I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable and confident enough to play in the big leagues. I played amateur for six years, albeit I took a year off from tournaments to do a year of volunteering with AmeriCorps, and had to work my game back up when I returned to competing. After I placed second at Am Worlds, I figured it was time to move up. I had played two other Am World events prior to that and hadn’t even made it into the semi-finals. You can imagine how happy I was to not only get into the semi-finals, but to take second by only five strokes!

Photo Courtesy: PDGA Tour Flickr

Moving up to pro is really a personal decision that is different for everyone. I considered how well I did locally and statewide (at the time I was living in Columbia, SC), and I had won several advanced tournaments up to that point. I knew it would take me some time to become a strong competitor in the pro field, but decided it was time to take the leap.

Photo Courtesy: PDGA Tour Flickr

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

I’m from Philadelphia, so Yuengling of course!

Prior to disc golf you played Ultimate Frisbee. Do you still play Ultimate? Was it hard to learn disc golf discs after throwing an ultimate Frisbee for years?

I haven’t played ultimate in a few years. After playing on my college team at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I played a bit recreationally in AmeriCorps in 2010-2011, and I tore my meniscus. That kind of sealed the deal for me for awhile. I played in a competitive league in the summer of 2013 when I lived in Columbia, SC, but I didn’t love it anymore.

There was a definite learning curve for me when it came to throwing golf discs. Ultimate discs require a lot more touch – if you put the kind of power on it that you’d put on a driver, it’s going to flip over every time. If you’ve thrown one ultimate Frisbee, you’ve thrown them all. When I started playing disc golf, I figured out quickly that I should learn to throw different discs for different shots/distances. It was hard – there were so many options! My drivers flew on a 45-degree angle up in the air most of the time I threw them, and I didn’t have smooth form. I’m not sure whether playing ultimate was beneficial or a detriment to my disc golf game, but I guess I’ll never know!


Is it possible to own too many Italian Greyhounds?

No way! Unfortunately, we lost our little girl Bamboo last year at 16 years old, but we have our one-year-old boys Otis and Bruno. They are quite a handful! I keep asking them if they want a little sister, but unless Shawn has a change of heart, it probably won’t happen for a couple more years. Follow me at @iggy.discgolf.life on Instagram for lots of adorable photos!

In April you will be hosting the 5th annual Ladies and Gents Mixed Doubles tournament. We hope to make it to your event in the future. Tell us what makes this event so special and why ladies and gents in the disc golf world should add it to their disc golf plans in the future?

The Ladies & Gents Mixed Doubles is my favorite day of the year! Although I live in Nashville now, I travel back to Columbia, SC to run this one-day, Throw Pink charity event that raises money for the South Carolina Cancer Alliance. This event is special to me because I lost my mom to cancer when I was 11 years old, and I am very passionate about raising awareness and money for cancer research. We have raised over $7,000 for the SC Cancer Alliance to date, thanks to all of the generous sponsors, players, and volunteers who participate each year. All of these amazing people make this event special. Players include world champions as well as first-timers and all skill levels in between.

Each year, my goal is to not only raise as much money as possible, but also to ensure that everyone has a ridiculous amount of fun. My hope is that no one leaves empty-handed. Along with a players pack, I typically have 50 CTP prizes, a ring of fire, a large raffle, and other fun side games. This year, we have some sponsors who are stepping up big time, including Smoky Mountain Discs, our title sponsor; the Columbia Sports Council, who is providing lunch for all players and volunteers; DiscStalker, who always provides a free item in our player pack; Innova Discs, who gave me an awesome sponsorship package for ordering tournament discs; and Paragon Discs, who sent me a hefty box of apparel. And how could I forget Ladies First Disc Golf! You are one of our most popular sponsors because of all of the sparkly women’s apparel you donate.

This event has been the largest, PDGA-sanctioned mixed doubles tournament in the world for three consecutive years, and I’m hoping to keep the streak going. If you’d like to be a sponsor, please email me at saraBlamberson@gmail.com

Sara is the most recent member of our team of Sparkle Sisters. Use coupon code SL15PCT when placing your order to save 15%.

Intro: The Comforts of Appreciating the Uncomfortable

I have been stranded on my couch for the past 4 days with the worst flu I have experienced in 10+ years. This illness and time of rest has provided a great deal of insight and inspiration. Who would have thought something so awful as the influenza virus could provide an opportunity for a new blog series? As my husband reminds me their is always a silver lining to every experience. A silver lining to being laid up with the flu is the prospect of being healthy, productive and back to your normal self. All the down time has allowed free space in my mind to think of new ideas.  Several days of feeling uncomfortable have taught me to appreciate the feelings of comfort.

Early this morning I was unable to sleep due to my various flu related symptoms. I started thinking about being uncomfortable. How we as humans don’t like the feeling of being uncomfortable. We do whatever we can to stay in our comfort zone. I am often guilty of being one of these humans. Writing this blog post made me a little uncomfortable.  The topics in this blog series may also bring up feelings of discomfort.  I know that growth, strength and learning often do not come from a place of comfort.


Playing disc golf is fun! BUT it can also be uncomfortable–whether it’s learning a new part of the game, competing, weather, mental aspects or any other life nuances. Even though disc golf is our favorite activity, it’s not glitter & sparkles all the time.

I invite you to our monthly series where we will cover different disc golf topics and situations that may make you feel uncomfortable. It won’t hurt it will only help all of us in this diverse disc golf family to grow, step outside our comfort zone and learn to get comfortable with appreciating the uncomfortable.

December 2017 Lady of the Month: Carrie Ricketts

When did disc golf find you?

I probably threw my first disc in the spring of 2006.  Tracey Lopez and Kathy Betcher would drag me to Eastern Park and would put discs in my hand, saying try this one then this one until eventually I ended up with a Millennium Orion, Innova ROC and a JK Avair (which I still putt with).  In 2009 the Quad Cities got the bid for the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships and it being the first year the Recreational division was included they (Tracey and Kathy) talked me into playing.  With only one tourney under my belt I ended up winning my first tournament.

Driving, approaching or putting?  What is the strongest part of your disc golf game?  

Approach as of the 2017 season.  It seems every year I have a good grasp on one aspect of the game whether it be putting, driving and or approach.  I strive for the day my brain and body collide to have a well-rounded game.  The game of disc golf has you constantly improving all aspects of the game simultaneously so you can’t just focus on one without still honing in the skills of the others.

It is a fact that you and your lovely wife Tracey are dedicated to traveling to various states to play disc golf for various reasons. What states would you like to travel to play disc golf in that you haven’t yet been to?

Oregon without a doubt.  I see Val Doss always posting on Facebook about the scenery and camping up there so why not get a round in with her while visiting a gorgeous state. If you were curious Alaska would be next.

In your opinion what disc or type of disc should every disc golf lady have in her bag?

A putter!!  I can’t believe how many ladies still don’t know how to use a putter.  In my DOLLs group I try to promote the use of a putter.  Why not-Stability.  Isn’t that what every lady needs in her life?

What is your best advice for people who just started playing disc golf?

Do not give up.  I know you feel intimidated but someday with practice and determination you to will be driving that far and making all those putts.  And I always say, ”Any given Sunday”


Fill in the blank disc golf is: family.

Sparkle Sisters at UWSDGC 2017

What are your 3 favorite courses in Iowa?

Pickard (Des Moines)

Pickard Park Hole 5. Photo courtesy DG Course Review

Walnut Ridge (Des Moines)

Turkey Creek (Iowa City)

If you had to name an official beer of disc golf, what would it be?

Bevel, of course.  Made by, drank by and loved by disc golfers.

If you could have anyone in the whole world as a partner for a doubles round of disc golf who would it be?

Barrett White, without a doubt.  If you know us you wouldn’t even question it.

You placed 2nd in the Female Advanced Masters division of the PDGA 2017 Amatuer Worlds competition, congrats we are impressed! Do your 2018 plans include competing in the 2018 Amateur Worlds competition in North Carolina? Or do you have other aspirations for 2018?

Thank you.  I do not plan on attending Worlds.  I have played the last two Worlds and it requires a lot of vacation time.

Tracey and I have thrown around the idea of playing more of the tournaments where our friends are.  You know the tournaments that every year you say, “Gosh, that tournament looked like a lot of fun.  Maybe next year I should try to make that one”. I played three Majors this year and I truly feel I missed seeing a lot of my friends.  Sometime this year I hope to get my feet wet and run a tournament of my own.  I hope to make it an all ladies tourney – so I hope to see some of you gals here in the Quad Cities.



November 2017 Lady of the Month: Elaine King


When did you first start playing and where?

I started playing waaaay back in 1983, the summer that I got married. My husband (Eric Vandenberg) loved to play catch with his friends. He always wanted to attend the Canadian National Frisbee Championships but had never found out in advance when the tournament was being held (pre-internet days). We noticed a flyer announcing the 1983 competition and went to see the competition, expecting to see freestyle, but instead when we arrived the competitors were playing disc golf. Eric was immediately excited about the discovery of a Frisbee sport that could be played solo, rather than needing a partner of similar ability. The next weekend we were out on the Island with our 110g pro models trying to putt into heavy chained baskets.

Soon after we bought “state of the art” Midnight Flyers and Ben-Wal 21cm discs. In September the new high-tech Innova Aero had arrived in Canada and we started buying these for ourselves, our family and our friends. I would certainly have quit the sport if it had not been for the Aero since my short fingers could not get a good grip on the Midnight Flyer and I was pretty much hopeless at that point. In contrast, I could get a nice grip on the Aero and it actually flew a little bit for me.

It’s too bad that there is no video of me playing during my first year. I had little arm strength, no wrist snap and there was absolutely no indication that the situation would ever improve. It is only because Eric was well and truly hooked on the sport that I continued in any fashion at all. In 1984 Eric started competing and I tagged on as a groupie, and observing the female players. The year after that I had improved enough that I felt ready to start competing myself.

Disc technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve, what are the biggest changes you have noticed?

The biggest change in disc technology was the invention by Innova of the bevel-edged disc (Eagle/Aero). A few years later Innova released the Roc which had a nice balance of stability and glide and quickly found its way into everyone’s bag (but remember that everyone’s bag contained about 4 discs at that time). The next cutting edge disc was (almost literally) the Eclipse by Discraft, which had a much sharper rim configuration than any other disc to that time. It was after the introduction of the Eclipse that the PDGA developed standards on rim configuration. Lightning had a few discs that were extremely popular including their initial release called the P-38. They subsequently made some discs in very light weights (110 – 130g) which was contrary to the trend of making discs as heavy as technical standards would allow. Players found that these light discs got more distance especially with a tailwind. Discraft had another big hit with the Cyclone, which had more glide than other discs of the time. Just recently Eric unearthed a series of articles where many top players, now sponsored by other manufacturers, listed the Cyclone as one of their key drivers. In the past 20 years driver technology has been optimized with a string of discs achieving popularity as distance records were broken (for example, Innova’s boss).

Another key turning point was the introduction of the Prodigy brand. The media splash of the product line and the sponsored team challenged the “Big 2” manufacturers. With the success of Prodigy a flurry of additional disc manufacturing companies has subsequently arisen. In the past few years there has been an increasing trend in disc manufacturing companies outside of the US.

Currently, 7 companies offer more than 40 discs and a total of 102 companies have PDGA approved discs. I could not have foreseen this proliferation of discs and manufacturing companies when I started playing long ago.

What are your 3 favorite courses in North Carolina?

I very much enjoy my home course, Valley Springs, in Durham. It has ups and downs through a pine forest with a balance of long and short holes requiring a variety of angles. There are multiple tees and a few holes also have two baskets, adding to the diversity of the course.

Photo courtesy Disc Golf Course Review

Castle Hayne in Wilmington is another wonderful course. It demands precise placement of the drive in order to have the correct angle for the next shot. When your game is “on” this course is lots of fun to play. If your accuracy is a bit off this course is intensely frustrating as you stretch to get out of trouble with a flick, an overhand or simply a pitch out.

Photo courtesy Disc Golf Course Review

If you want to have a truly enjoyable round, Glenburnie in New Bern is the place to go. The park is beautifully manicured with a mix of open and wooded holes. Alternate tees/basket placements add to the variety. At the right time of year you need to watch every step on hole 8 so you don’t step on little toads. There are lots of deuces to be had, but they can quickly turn into a bogey or worse by an inaccurate line through the woods or by the disc finding OB.

Photo courtesy Disc Golf Course Review

If you could give a new player starting out 1 tip of advice what would it be?

Throw only midrange discs. It is discouraging to see so many women (and men) playing with discs that are much too overstable for the amount of spin that the player can provide. This leads to the woman throwing every shot with a huge anhyzer in order for the driver to land in the correct spot, and as a result she never learns to throw a disc straight. By starting with a midrange you learn how to control the disc rather than adapting your throwing style to the particular disc. Once you master throwing a midrange straight, hyzer and anhyzer you are ready to start throwing a driver.

More advice on shot selection from Elaine: https://youtu.be/GT_-SZa-Brw

Name your favorite disc pre-2000, post 2000 and your current favorite disc.

Pre-2000 my favorite disc was the Cyclone and post-2000 it was the Avenger in X plastic (although I have tremendous fondness for many of my mid-ranges as well). Currently I am infatuated with the Orbital by MVP, although its use is limited to long turnover shots.

Your well decorated and enduring career in disc golf has allowed you to meet many women disc golfers and have a unique perspective on the growth and change of women’s disc golf. Have you noticed an increased momentum or any significant changes in women’s disc golf in the past decade?

The most significant difference in the last 10 years is the number of touring women and indeed, the fact that women can earn enough to be able to tour. In the past few years media coverage of women’s golf has also exploded, due to the support of the PDGA to film the women’s card, due to TDs asking for the same, and due to videographers taking a special interest to ensure women are given air time. This would not be happening without viewers, and it is exciting to see that it’s not just women watching women’s golf, in fact men make up the vast majority of the viewership.

When Val Doss (neé Jenkins) departed from Innova, this further sparked the conversation about equity for top women golfers. The flurry of conversation on the internet, in publications and live shows demonstrates that disc golfers (being 93% men) are keenly interested in the growth of women’s participation. The desire has not changed, but what differs is the recent intensity of conversation on the topic.
At the PDGA Fall Summit, President Justin Menickelli opened the meeting with a graph of PDGA member demographics since 2006. The men’s numbers showed accelerating increase whereas the women’s numbers grew at a very much slower pace. The PDGA Board has committed to considering the growth of female participation with every decision made. That is an unprecedented level of focus for women’s golf.

We recently found out you are involved with the Disc Golf Foundation, can you tell us a little more about your work with the Disc Golf Foundation?

I was one of the founding members of the Disc Golf Foundation (DGF), which achieved registered charity (501c3) status in 2004. At that time the PDGA passed responsibility for the newly created Matching Baskets Program to the DGF. This program requires applying Colleges to raise money for 9 baskets, obtain approval from the College administration and submit design details for review. The successful applicant is partnered with Innova, Discraft or DGA who donates the other 9 baskets. 17 new courses have been established through this program, which is ongoing.

The DGF also focused on preserving disc golf culture and history through several projects. We partnered with DGA to establish the Headrick Museum at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA. A travelling disc golf history exhibit has been established and is currently residing in the Lemon Lake Flight Center in Crown Point, IN. The DGF works with the Disc Golf Hall of Fame to support donations.

Photo courtesy of PDGA

The DGF supports local clubs by allowing donors to receive a charitable giving tax receipt for eligible projects that create and/or improve local courses. If you have a local project that benefits the general public and have potential donors who would welcome the opportunity for tax credit for their donations, contact the Disc Golf Foundation via email: info@DiscGolfFoundation.orgThe Board of Directors was refreshed in 2017 and I currently participate in Board meetings as an advisor and link to the PDGA Board. There are some exciting new projects being planned for 2018 that will focus on empowering passionate people to bring the joy of disc golf to the world! Find out more by going to our website at https://www.pdga.com/DGF and liking our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DIscGolfFoundation/

If you could have an official beer (or beverage) of disc golf what would it be?

I’m not a beer drinker but I love Mike’s lemonade. You can get the original flavor in “lite” which is less sweet, has fewer calories but the same alcohol content, and that is my drink of choice after a hot sweaty summer round.

Discraft was your main sponsor for decades until this past Summer, when the decision was made by you to part ways with the team. Are you enjoying the freedom of trying out all the various choices from new manufacturers?

It has been a refreshing experience for me to be able to throw any disc I please. However it has been overwhelming since there are now more than 1000 PDGA approved discs! The first new disc I added to my bag was a 162g Starlite Wraith which was given to me by a friend. I can get more distance with the Wraith, but it needs a broad, swooping path to achieve maximum distance so I only use it on wide open holes.


Next I have added the Wave and Orbital by MVP. The Wave has become my go-to driver, flying very straight for most of its flight with a hard hyzer at the end. The Orbital is very understable but has a really long glide and acts like a disc that has been carefully beaten in over years – I’m really excited about this disc. I’m experimenting with more MVP discs since the science geek in me loves the gyroscopic design principles as well as the nomenclature of the discs. My friends have given me a further list of discs I need to try out. In reality, I have always been very slow and cautious to replace discs in my bag so it will take time for me to discover what I like amongst so many selections.

We are honored and excited to have you on our team of Ladies First Disc Golf Sparkle Sisters. What is the best way to get women competing and playing disc golf?

That is the magic question. Experience has shown that women’s leagues are very successful in supporting women who are learning the sport. Mixed leagues can also be a nurturing place for women to develop their skills but the format of the events is important. For example, straight up doubles leads to the “oh no I got partnered with the girl” effect which completely discourages women. One way to overcome this is to spot the mixed teams an appropriate number of strokes or have the woman play from shorter tees, so that getting the girl as a partner is an advantage.
It’s important to remember that competition is not for everyone.

Some women will never wish to compete, just like some men never wish to compete. Women tend to get pressured to compete much more than their male counterparts, doubtless due to overenthusiastic supporters. The goal is to get more women playing, which will encourage other women to play.

We need to attract a wider demographic of women to the sport. This is definitely starting to happen with outreach in schools, after-school centers and local communities. Support of kid’s disc golf will also ultimately result in a pipeline of girls playing the sport to bolster female numbers in the future. I would love to find a way to recruit teenagers who are already competing in individual sports where the competition opportunities dissolve after high school (except for the very elite athletes), for example track and field events. These females have the competitive urge and are comfortable in individual sports and therefore might be a source of our future disc golf population.
Are these the best ways to attract and retain female disc golfers? Perhaps not, but we will all need to use many different tactics to make women aware of the sport and teach them how to throw so that they can enjoy playing. As we all know, once you’ve caught the bug you are hooked!



September Lady of the Month: Carol Quinn

How did disc golf become part of your life?

I had known about disc golf since the early 90’s, had friends that played at the local Bayville Disc Golf Course in Virginia Beach. I went to a tournament in August 2013 and sat the sidelines for two days and decided on my way home, I’d give it a try.

Would you say you are more of a touch finesse player or a power crusher? Or somewhere in the middle?

I would say I am more of a touch finesse player, better at the short game than a power crusher.

What are your three favorite discs from Innova?

Gosh, I like so many but I would have to say my three top are the Tern, Sidewinder and a toss up between the Mamba and Wombat.

Going into the final round of a big tournament if you could have any song playing as you tee off, what would it be?

“Blind” by Korn. It has always been one of my favorite songs, let alone bands, with such a kick butt beat that makes me want to just go rip it up.

What is your favorite disc golf saying or slang terminology?

I have quite a few. I always try to encourage others and look for the positive when playing with new players…If they think their drive is short, I always say ”Its Forward Progress”, this helps new players stay focused on the positive side ;-). Another is “Smile at those chains and shake hands with the basket on your putt”. My last one is mainly so I don’t beat myself up but good advice for others as well…”In order to shoot consistent golf, you have to shoot consistently”. I see this happen a lot. People expect to come out once in awhile and wonder why they cant hold lines or miss those 20 ft putts. Golf to me is a muscle memory thing. The more you work that muscle, the better you are going to be.

If a placement to the basket gives you the choice of a hyzer line or anhyzer line which do you prefer?

I love anhyzer lines so that would be my preference. Unfortunately lately, I have been struggling with my turnovers, so I have been avidly working on a sidearm shot to add to my bag.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a female who just started playing disc golf?

The first bit of advice I would give a new female player as they start playing the sport is to not beat yourself up and think you are going to master the game overnight. We all start out the same with this game and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. But above all, have FUN!!!!

What are your three favorite courses in Virginia?

Wow, now that’s tough because I have so many but I would have to say…

1) The Blockhouse Disc Golf Courses in Spotsylvania

The Blockhouse- Sunny Side Photo: DG Course Review

2) New Quarter in Williamsburg

New Quarter Park Photo: DG Course Review

3) Munden Point in Virginia Beach

Planning on traveling to Virginia for disc golf, read about 21 of the best in the state here: https://blog.virginia.org/2017/06/disc-golf-courses/

If you had an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Blonde ales if I had a beer choice

or Miller Lite…

but my preferred beverage of choice are vodka sours.


You recently wrapped up the first ever Virginia Women’s Series, and put in a lot of hard work to make it happen, congratulations on the hard work! Do you think the series helped along with women’s tournaments bring more players to the course and connect ladies in the greater Virginia area?

Thank you Jenny. The series was a blast and so worth the work. I could not have done this without all the support from the Virginia Disc Golf Clubs hosting us and sponsors helping with each individual event. The feedback from the ladies that played was great and gives me high hopes for next year’s series. We had ladies of all levels and ages play in the VWDGS and quite a few ladies that had never played in a sanctioned tournament before until the series. Ladies that hadn’t played that much in recent years decided to dust off their disc and start playing again also.

My thought process behind starting the series in Virginia is to not only encourage more ladies to start playing the game but, we have a lot of ladies golfing and the divisions are very small in local tournaments. And there are a couple reasons for the smaller ladies divisions: 1.)The sport is growing so rapidly that tournaments fill up a lot faster and 2.) It is very intimidating playing in your first few sanctioned tournaments. Starting up a women’s only series gave the opportunity to women who are just starting the sport, a chance to feel more comfortable on the course and work on their nerves as well and prepare them for other sanctioned events. Having decent size divisions, watching more advanced ladies shots and learning from them, how to get out of certain situations and playing at different courses, gave the opportunity to see what kind of shots you need to have in your bag for competitive play. Having a series throughout the state allowed for other women golfers to get to know each other and have ladies to play with at their home courses. The camaraderie you gain from playing with other ladies with the same passion as you is priceless and growing the sport for that very reason is something I will continue to do.





July 2017 Lady of the Month: Virginia Hawthorne

How did you first hear about disc golf, when did you start playing?

I first heard about it from a friend’s boyfriend and thought it was absolutely insane and pointless. Then five years ago (this month actually, happy anniversary) I met my dude and he played. I wanted to hang out with him so badly all the time so when he suggested it I thought it was a great idea all of a sudden. It then took me about a year and a half after that to get serious about it. I really used to be bad at it for a long time and still don’t know why I kept playing. Anyway, I played in an Ice Bowl with my future really good friend Cheryln Rawls. She is really good! And I was like well crap! I don’t have to suck because I am a woman. I figured I should step my game up a bit so I wasn’t embarrassed to play against her. I still haven’t beaten her, but have gotten pretty close, as long as she is distracted by pushing her extraordinarily well-behaved daughter in a stroller.

Do you think chickens should be allowed on the disc golf courses?

Of course. They are amazing tick control! There are very few downsides to chickens in any setting, in my opinion.

What are your three favorite things about disc golf?

1. Walking in nature. It is amazing sneaky exercise.

2. Friendships, both on social media and locally.

3. The feeling of improvement. I still feel very far away from my true potential in the sport. (Don’t look at my rating to confirm this fact.)

What are your three favorite courses in Kentucky?

1. Stuart Nelson Disc Golf Course. *The Home Course* one of the harder courses in our area but you always run into a friendly face.

2. Kess Creek in Mayfield. Pretty good for beginners but also has some good wooded technical holes.

3. Central Park DGC in Murray KY. Ok so, my last tournament I played a pretty good round and a horrible round here but I have to shout this one out because they just added 9 holes that reportedly make it even harder. So thanks a lot, guys.

Honorable mention: Fort Massac. Technically in Metropolis, Illinois but right across the mighty Ohio. Won my first tournament there and also is just a beautiful, hard course.

Forehand or Backhand?

Backhand only. I wish I could flick a little to get out of all the abovementioned woods though!

What is your favorite driver, midrange and putter?

Driver: Pink metal flake Roadrunner, but going more toward a Westside Queen as I have started throwing faster.

Midrange: Buzzz or Emac Truth depending on the shot.

Putter: Pink Wizards.

If you could have any female disc golfer as your partner for a doubles tournament who would you choose?

Val! She is my favorite player. She is so good and has done so much for the women of the sport. She seems so nice and cool also. I am a serious Valarie fangirl. I hope she doesn’t read this and think I am weird. Man, the likelihood she is going to read this is really high! Holy crap. Um. Hi Val. Love you. (Was that weird?)


What is one tip you would give to a player who is just starting to play disc golf?

I used to throw behind myself. Keep at it, and even if you are terrible, you are still getting a good walk in the woods.

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Honestly I am probably the world’s least picky beer drinker. Having said that, my favorite disc golf beer is Abita Strawberry lager, perfect for a nice warm summer day at the course.

You recently ran your 3rd Throw Pink Paducah tournament and it was another successful event, congrats! Why should more clubs and tournament directors try to run at least one fundraiser event a year and why should players support these events?

One of the top reasons I love fundraiser events, Throw Pink especially, is that they really help get women involved in disc golf. Throw Pink fundraisers are such a good way to draw out those beginner and casual women players and get them feeling connected to the disc golf community at large. The other big reason to throw fundraiser events on a club level is the dramatic way they impact your community relations. It is the best opportunity you have for getting disc golf publicized in local media. You can build long-term relationships with local businesses. And lastly, fundraisers are a great way to connect your club to your parks department.





April 2017 Lady of the Month: Eleanor Poore

Who introduced you to disc golf and how long have you been playing?

 On September 20, 2013 my friend Tucker and my mom finally convinced me to try disc golf. Tucker was an ultimate Frisbee friend of mine who slowly but surely convinced most of our ultimate pickup group to try disc golf. It was love at first throw, despite my judgments that the sport would be boring 😉

Eleanor & her mom on the course

Backhand or forehand?
Since I came from ultimate Frisbee, I feel pretty equally comfortable with both backhand and forehand.

The New England Team Challenge is a growing event out in your neck of the woods (no pun intended;)) do you participate in the team challenge?  If so what team?  What is your favorite part about the team challenge?

New England Team Challenge is so amazing! I am on the Borderland Billygoats and we actually won our division this year, the C-pool champions of the 2016-2017 season!! My favorite part is definitely the camaraderie and friendship you can build with playing in a team setting, which I hadn’t gotten as much from team sports in the past as I’ve gotten through New England Team Challenge.

If you could have an official tee off song what would it be?

Well for GBO next week, I chose “Float On” by Modest Mouse. It has a good beginning riff and a good message for my mental game.

Every bunny wants to know why bunnies make the best pets?

Hahaha Bunnies make the best pets because they have a lot more personality than most people think. They can be sassy, sweet, energetic, curious etc. Enys is really spunky yet affectionate, will lick my nose and dig at my pant legs at any moment. Penelope is very curious and sweet, has opened up a lot more over the past 2 years and gotten braver. They are inseparable too, which is really sweet to see, but they get overly excited for breakfast every morning.

If you could play with only 3 discs for the rest of your disc golf career what 3 discs would you choose?

This is probably the toughest question. Based on what I throw now and being able to have versatile options, I would pick the Westside BT Soft Swan, Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence, and the Westside Tournament Northman. I’m on team trilogy so of course it’s all Swedish plastic 😉
You were one of our first customers when we launched our website in 2015, thank you. What is your favorite thing you have ordered from Ladies First Disc Golf?
 Another tough question!! The original very soft purple t-shirt is incredibly comfortable and I wear it all the time, so I’d have to pick that.
Would you rather play in 25 degree snowy sunny conditions or 85 degree hot & humid conditions?
I would probably rather play in 85 degrees even if it’s humid, but I’m sure I would say the opposite in late summer 😉

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

I personally enjoy lighter wheat beers so I would choose Alagash White. Easy to drink on hot days and very refreshing!

You have recently started do some cool things with dying discs.  May we see some examples?  If someone wanted a dyed disc by Eleanor do you have them for sale or do custom dyes?  

I post most of my disc dyes on Instagram (@eleanor_discbunny) and tag them all with #DyesByEleanor. Right now, I dye periodically for a local shop, The Hawks Nest, here in Massachusetts but I am always open to commissions. Sometimes people mail me discs they have an I mail them back after dyeing them. So far, it hasn’t gotten big enough to warrant creating my own stock so I usually do custom orders. It’s definitely something that is very fun for me to bring two of my hobbies together, art and disc golf.



March 2017 Lady of the Month: Jenn Schopfer

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, what do you remember most about your first round of disc golf? Who were you with and where did you play your first round?

I was first exposed to disc golf in 2005, my friends and I used to go to a small 9 hole course that was in our neighborhood. I tried it out a couple of times, but never really played a full round. But my first ever REAL round would have to be when I bought my first set of discs in 2013, at the Delaveaga Pro Shop. My friends and I had made the trip to play Dela, but I didn’t have any of my own discs at the time, so I decided that I need to get my own (just in case I lost any of theirs). I bought a Reef, Skeeter, Sidewinder, & a Leopard. I survived all 27 holes without losing any of the 4 discs I had just purchased, sooo…I’d say it was a pretty successful first round. The Leopard is still in my bag to this day, however the rest have been sacrificed to courses all around California.

What are your 3 favorite courses in California?

Black Mouse in Felton, CA

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA

Photo courtesy DG Course Review

Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe

Photo Courtesy DG Course Review

In 2016 you made it to #1 on the wait list for Am Worlds, are you going to try to play again this year in Quad Cities, IA?

As of right now I am going to try to make it out to Am Worlds. I am graduating college here in 8 weeks, and plan to be attending a lot more tournaments starting in June.

Which dairy state is superior in terms of cheese products: California or Wisconsin?

Jenny, why must you make me choose! They both have their positives, but at the end of the day…who can say no to Wisconsin Cheese Curds! I left a little bit of my heart in Wisconsin this past summer.

If you could play in a doubles tournament and choose any partner in the whole world who would you choose?

That’s a tough one…

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Well now that’s an easy on…my favorite beer, of course. The Deschutes Chainbreaker, White IPA. The name alone makes it ready to be an official beer of disc golf.


What is your favorite bag from Upper Park Designs? Is there a bag that you would suggest for female players?

I absolutely love The Shift by Upper Park Designs. I recommend The Shift to any and all female players, if I get the chance. It still has plenty of room to carry 15+ discs, snacks, clothes, etc. But it’s significantly smaller on the back than The Rebel, and I find it easier to carry around during my tournament play.

Use coupon code JENN on Upper Park’s website to get 10% off

What song describes your disc golf game?

One of my favorite warm up song is “The Heat by Jungle”, it has a funky beat, and always puts me in a good mood.

If you could only throw hyzers or anhyzers for the rest of your life which shot would you choose?


You have competed in the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships in 2015 & 2016 what is your favorite part of that event?

I love the team aspect of disc golf, I grew up playing team sports so being able to compete as a team is fun, and totally different than competing as an individual in Disc Golf. This event shows how knowing your teammates, and what’s in their bags is important. I personally feel that this is a great way to grow Women’s Disc Golf at a college level. We have 2 veterans going this year, myself and Bayli. Then we have 2 new girls who just started playing in January that are joining us. We are heading out to Georgia/South Carolina in just a couple weeks to defend our National Title, and hopefully bring home our 3rd consecutive win!


At a disc golf tournament you can connect with your friends, nature and of course your disc to the basket. Often tournaments can feel like a family reunion seeing old friends who are like family members, the older and wiser player who is like your mom or dad, and we can’t forget that crazy uncle that everyone loves, but knows is a bit in his own world. At my family reunions and parties there is one thing that is always present: food.

Playing disc golf burns calories, requires energy, therefore avoiding that dreadful tummy growl is always a great way to stay focused for the entire tournament. Staying sustained through the round is critical but starting out the day with a healthy meal the night before and a healthy breakfast is often even more important to good sustained energy and focus. In order to last the duration of the party you must be prepared. We are starting a new series on our blog where we will feature a recipe each month that is a healthy snack for on the course, a healthy & convenient breakfast to start the day off or a healthy easy dinner to eat the night before competition.

To kick off the tournament season for 2017 let’s start with a favorite snack recipe that I learned from my husband’s grandma: Party Mix

I’m Jenny and I like to party. Well yes, that is true I sure do enjoy a good party, and it is always better with good food!

As I get older disc golf is my party life; nothing better than spending a beautiful sunny day in nature while navigating plastic discs through the woods. If half way through my adventure in woods I start to get hungry I often lose focus and pick up a few extra strokes I don’t want. A good snack to have on hand is Party Mix. This snack is like chex mix, but when making it at home it has less preservatives, and a more fresh taste to it. It’s pretty easy to make, the assembly is definitely easy, it takes longer to bake it than it does to prep it, let’s get to it:

1.) Preheat oven to 250 degrees

2.) Gather your ingredients

  • 6 tblsp butter ( I like to use organic salted butter, it doesn’t have to be organic but good quality butter is recommended)
  • 4 tsp Worcestershire
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • 3 cups rice chex
  • 3 cups corn chex
  • 1 cup pretzles
  • 3/4 cup mixed nuts

3.) Start by melting your butter in a microwave safe dish (about 30 seconds). Once your butter is melted stir your Worcestershire sauce and garlic salt in with the butter.

4.) Find the largest bowl you have and add the chex, pretzels and mixed nuts to it. I like to shake the bowl around so that all the ingredients get mixed up pretty good. Once your dry ingredients have partied together pretty well, add your saucy butter mix and continue to party by shaking it up again. Stir, and shake until all pieces are well coated.

5.) If you have a large flat pizza pan, or cookie sheet locate those items. You are going to be pouring your party mix onto your pans to bake in the oven for 45 minutes, you want to make sure it is spread out into a single layer, you may need multiple pans. Spread your party mix out among a large pan or multiple pans.

6.) Place pans in preheated 250 degree oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes stir pieces to ensure even baking, place back in oven. Repeat this step 2 more times, at 15 minutes intervals stir your party mix.


February 2017 Lady of the Month: Kristy Moore

When was the first time you picked up a disc, and who were you with?

I first played the sport in 2003. A group of friends were making a trip from our hometown, Columbus, Ohio to Clearwater, Florida specifically to play disc golf. At the time I had never even heard of disc golf, but I decided to tag along anyway. When we arrived the first stop was at the Clearwater Disc Golf Store, where I purchased my first discs, a 162g Champion Leopard (the pearly stuff, old school), a protostar (wasn’t called that back then) DX Cheetah, a DX Eagle, a DX Spider, and a 11x Champion (CE) Aviar. The rest as they say is history, I’ve been playing ever since.

Sidenote: I really wish my dog didn’t chew up that Aviar

Do you prefer wooded technical courses, open long distance courses, or something in between?

Depends on the day, haha. No, but I prefer wooded, technical courses. I feel like they even the playing field for more players to compete.

What is your most memorable competitive disc golf round or moment?

It would have to either be the 4th round of the 2016 Amateur World Championships, or the final round of the 2016 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green. They were two of my highest rated rounds ever recorded at 945 and 939. For both of these rounds I felt everything finally coming together all at the same time. Those rounds are few and far between but you always remember them when they happen.

Photo credit: Tony Brunner

Do you think there will be a day when there is a tour for women’s disc golf tournaments that has enough stops on it with big enough payouts that touring can be a viable profession for women?

Absolutely. With more and more female-only events on schedule each year it’s only a matter of time. I feel like we, as women, need to make getting a women’s only tour a priority. We cannot continue to pay the same entry fees and spend just as much on travel as our male counterparts and only get paid, sometimes as low as, a third of the money/plastic as they do. Eventually it just doesn’t make sense financially and women will either return to playing locally, or even just casually, or worse give up the sport altogether. I certainly hope to see a tour for women only in the very near future and hope to be a part of it all.

Kristy at Disc Girls Gone Wild 2014. Disc Girls Gone Wild is one of the longest running women’s only tournaments, and a critical event in building women’s disc golf.

Forehand or Backhand?

Why not both?

If you had to provide 3 tips for someone who has been playing disc golf less than a year what would they be?

  1. Find someone that is better than you and play with them as often as you can.
  2. Shoot for par. If you shoot for par, the birdies won’t be far behind.
  3. Have fun. The one thing that I have always told Miquiath (#76557), most folks that know me from tournaments know him, is that not everyone remembers who wins every tournament, but they do remember the great people that they want to play with again, and the people that they do not. Always try to be that person that people want to be on a card with.

Following tip #3 having fun with friends!

If you could have an official beer of disc golf what would it be?

Staghorn Octoberfest by New Glarus Brewing from the great state of Wisconsin, wouldn’t mind if a six pack made its way down to Ohio sometime this summer, wink wink.

We’ll deliver some Staghorn if we can Kristy!

Top 3 courses you have played?

Coyote Point DGC @ Lake Casitas, Ventura, CA:

Coyote Point photo courtesy DG Course Review

Idlewild DGC, Burlington, KY:

    Idlewild photo courtesy DG Course Review

Legacy Trails DGC, Eagle Springs, NC

Legacy Trails photo courtesy of DG Course Review

Have you figured out how to get a hologram of yourself yet so you can attend all the disc golf tournaments you want?

No, but I have a team of scientists working around the clock.

Kristy’s team of scientists;)

You finished 2nd at the 2016 Amatuer Worlds in Madison, WI in the FA1 division, your 4th round you shot an impressive super hot 945 rated round, did you know your round was super hot when it was happening?

I knew it was good, it felt great, but I had no idea I was about to shoot the highest rated round of my career. As I said above it was definitely one of the most memorable rounds I’ve played to date and gave me a glance at what I know I can accomplish in the future.

BONUS: Watch Kristy in action at the final 9 of the 2016 Amateur World Championships: